Roblox down: server status last after shutdown fears resurface

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Roblox servers are temporarily offline tonight (Image: ROBLOX)

Roblox servers are temporarily offline tonight due to some sort of server issue.

The good news is that while thousands have been affected, the current outage will not be a long-term problem.

Most online services have issues with servers, and with the popularity of Roblox being so well known, it’s plain to see how things can wobble every now and then.

For those trying to figure out if Roblox is shutting down permanently, the good news is that it won’t happen anytime soon.

Roblox remains one of the most popular video game platforms available online and continues to receive support from the company and the content creation community.

It’s unclear what caused tonight’s Roblox server issues, with support yet to be updated.


Here’s further advice from the Roblox support team on why the gaming platform can sometimes become inaccessible:

Products for purchase may be delayed upon receipt. Rest assured that if a product isn’t applied to your account immediately, it will. The product will be applied to all completed purchases. In most cases, products are applied within an hour and a maximum of 24 hours. This can also happen with virtual purchases made on-site or in-game with Robux.

Joining a game may be delayed or failed. If you’re having trouble joining games, please wait and try again.

You may experience delays or delays while using the Website, Platform or Applications.

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