Thousands enjoy a slow download speed fix as full fiber rollout hits another milestone

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Trooli has reached the milestone of 100,000 properties with full-fibre broadband (Image: GETTY)

Broadband supplier Trooli has reached another important milestone in the roll-out of its future-proof full-fibre broadband. The internet provider, which is building an alternative network for companies like BT and Virgin Media, has now connected 100,000 buildings in the UK. Those connections are mainly found in parts of Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and East Sussex.

With the latest milestone under way, Trooli says it is on track to connect another 30,000 buildings over the next three months. By the end of the year, the internet provider aims to have 170,000 properties under its care – rising to 400,000 in December 2022 and one million in 2024.

Part of that expansion will involve new connections in Suffolk, while additional homes in Berkshire, East Sussex and Kent will be connected.

Trooli focuses on full-fibre connections. These next-generation cables can deliver speeds of up to 1 Gbps. That’s 1,000 Mbps. By comparison, the average UK broadband speed recorded earlier this year was 71 Mbps.

While 1,000 Mbps is probably a bit excessive for most people right now. Busy households with multiple people working from home, making video conference calls, streaming movies and shows in Ultra HD quality, streaming music, downloading device updates, backing up data to the cloud… will need much more than the average speed in the UK to avoid seeing the dreaded buffer symbol.

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Trooli Bad Broadband Speed ​​Upgrade UK

Trooli to install gigabit-capable broadband in rural parts of England (Image: TROOLI)

And as emerging technologies, such as Virtual Reality and 8K video quality, become more and more common, the download speeds needed in the average home will only increase.

Full-fibre connections can handle that extra load. However, connections that use outdated copper cables – which are much more limited and can be affected by bad weather – can’t meet that demand.

Andy Conibere, Chief Executive Officer of Trooli, said: “I am delighted that we are continuing the trend of exceeding target for our homes. And we are doing so as we continue our position as the leading independent supplier of full fiber optics in rural Kent. consolidate and increase our presence in the south. These new extensions make us available to homes and businesses around Wraysbury and Ascot in Berkshire, Lewes and Heathfield in East Sussex, and include over 14,500 buildings around Hythe, Kemsing and Whitstable in Kent.

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Price drop for fiber broadband

Community Fiber provides broadband across much of London and has just slashed prices on a range of plans, including 1Gbps speeds for £39.

From £20

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“We are determined to maintain our growth momentum in these areas and are also excited to launch in Suffolk. Demand for our 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 900 Mbps packages has been extremely strong over the past year and we expect this spreads about how liberating it can be to have robust, ultra-fast access to the Internet.”

Trooli charges around £50 a month for its 300Mbps download speed. That includes upload speeds of 100 Mbps and free installation. If you want the super-fast 900Mbps plan, you’ll have to pay £80 per month.

That cost is slightly higher than some of its rivals, including HyperOptic and CommunityFibre, but it likely reflects the additional costs associated with building infrastructure in rural towns and villages.

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