Battlefield 2042 beta release date DELAYED and bad news about crossplay

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Battlefield 2042 beta test has been delayed by EA (Image: EA)

This week, EA and DICE revealed a ton of new details about the futuristic shooter Battlefield 2042, due out later this year. A new blog post from the creators of Battlefield 2042 detailed how cross-play will work and answered some other pressing questions fans had after the reveal of the new Battlefield game on June 9. EA and DICE also provided an update on the first Battlefield 2042 beta test, which was set to launch in July.

And if you’ve been meaning to play Battlefield 2042 this month, we’ve got some bad news for you.

EA and DICE have revealed that they have pushed the release date of the Battlefield 2042 beta from July to “later this summer”.

Explaining the decision, they said, “One of your most frequently asked questions is about cross-play. We can confirm that it’s a feature we plan to build and test for Battlefield 2042.

“To accommodate this, we have made the decision to move the technical playtest to later this summer so that we have the opportunity to test the cross-play functionality.

“This means that a few thousand participants will join us to help us test some of our new features and functionality that we are building from the ground up for Battlefield 2042. Please note that the Technical Playtest is not intended on purpose is about the full experience you’ll see in the open beta or at launch. It’s a development-led environment with only a subset of features, focused on technical performance.”

If you want to participate in the Battlefield 2042 playtest, you’ll have to wait to hear from EA as it’s “invitation only” and only a “small group” of participants participate.

However, EA has given Battlefield fans some advice on how to increase their chances of being invited.

EA and DICE said: “The Technical Playtest will take place in a closed environment and under strict NDA. Only a small group of participants will be able to participate. If Playtesting is something that interests you, we recommend that you update your EA Playtesting profile If you register for EA Playtesting, you will not be able to access this or any other Playtests.”

Battlefield 2042 beta news revealed by EA

First Battlefield 2042 playtest shifted to ‘later this summer’ (Image: EA)

Elsewhere, EA has also confirmed that both cross-play and cross-progression will be available in Battlefield 2042.

But cross-play comes with a catch. As the Manchester Evening News pointed out in a post online, cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox only works for consoles of the same generation.

So Xbox One and PS4 gamers can play with each other, and PC, Xbox Series X and S and PS5 gamers can play with each other.

But PC, Xbox Series X | S and PS5 Battlefield 2042 gamers will not be able to play with those on PS4 and Xbox One, and vice versa.

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