Google Stadia unveils new schemes to encourage developers to join them

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Google Stadia is coming back to life with new schemes to attract developers to join them.

According to the announcement on the Stadia keynote for developers, there are new plans, such as the revenue share from Stadia’s Pro subscription service. There is also for payouts that convert Stadia customers into Pro subscribers. These appear to be aimed at boosting paid membership offerings.

Another plan is for individual games, with an 85 percent revenue split for titles sold after October 1, 2021 through the end of 2023, and up to the first earning $3 million. This is quite similar to what Google and Apple offer for app store policies, such as taking only 15 percent of sales instead of the industry standard of 30 percent.

70 percent of Stadia Pro revenue is shared by Stadia with the developers they work with. The payouts are made per “session day”. If a certain player starts a certain game on a calendar day, the developers get a discount.

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