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The Fear Street trilogy is a teen horror movie series that hasn’t had a light touch when it comes to blood and gore. The stylistic choices made by director Leigh Janiak have been a hallmark of the trilogy, a calling card supported by the influence of and inspiration from horror classics. Fear Street Part 3: 1666 is another shining example.

The movie will take viewers back to the 1600s to the village of Union, Sarah Fier’s home and where she was executed. As the films laid out in both Part 1 and Part 2, before Sunnyvale and Shadyside were established into separate towns, they were one. Union.

Fear Street Part 3, which will serve as the final movie in the trilogy, tells Sarah’s story. Her spirit has wreaked havoc on Shadyside for 300 years, but we came in on the middle of the horrors she’s unleashed. Every tale has a beginning, and this conclusion to the trilogy is hers.

It’s a story that will get under your skin, and it earns the movie’s rating.

Fear Street Part 3 age rating

Spoilers for Fear Street Part 3 ahead

Like the previous Fear Street movies, Part 3 is rated R. The blood and gore has been kicked up several notches. Body horror and graphic depictions of mutilation are prevalent in the film. Animals are slaughtered. Obviously, there’s murder.

Fear Street Part 3 does include Sarah’s hanging. There are attempted physical and sexual assaults. Someone gets sick in the film. Homophobia and slurs are present. There’s also sexual exploration (though not as graphic as in Part 2), strong language, and drug and alcohol use.

The movie does not hold back. Scenes involving bugs may make you itch. And, of course, since we’re going back to 1666, religion is a big part of Part 3. Specifically Christianity and satanic witchcraft, the title does bear the mark of the beast after all.

Fear Street Part 3 premieres Friday, July 16 on Netflix.

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