Nijisanji VTubers will appear in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV

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Koei Tecmos Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV and Nijisanji will have a free collaboration DLC that goes live on July 29, 2021. Kuzuha, Sister Claire and Debidebi Debiru will appear as original generals for players to use in battle. Each character has a unique trait that matches their personality during streams. There is currently no official confirmation as to whether this DLC will be released outside of Asia. [Thanks, Gamer!]

As a NEET gamer and popular streamer, Kuzuha has a high charisma stat but a low political stat. He also has the greedy trait. Sister Claire is a balanced officer with such qualities as redemption and kindness. While her stats are about the same across the board, she has a little more charisma and intelligence. last, Debidebi Debiru is an officer of extremely high intelligence, charisma and politics, but no military prowess. He has traits as an alcoholic and con man.

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is the latest episode of Koei Tecmo’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. It was ported to Nintendo Switch in February 2021. Unlike the hack-and-slash Dynasty Warriors Computer Games, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a turn-based tactical role-playing simulation game similar to: Civilization. It uses characters from the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history, as well as designs reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors.

The Nijisanji VTubers appear as free DLC in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV starting July 29, 2021. In March, characters from Atelier Ryza 2 also became available in-game. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

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