Camp PAX Online 2021: Offers, Live Streams and Demos

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PAX Online East kicked off today and with it the Camp PAX Online 2021 sale on Steam. The event itself runs through July 18, but most of the offers last through July 21. During this time, you can get your hands on exclusive offers and demos that are only available during this sale.

live streams

You can find live streams of PAX at twitch and Steam. On Steam, you’ll find mostly gameplay and demo streams, while on Twitch you can listen to multiple conversations from game developers and publishers and learn more about how they make games.

There are 3 channels on Twitch, each with its own events. Full schedule available here. For esports enthusiasts, PAX Arena is hosting an amateur Valorant tournament with a $10,000 prize pool.

Offers and Demos

On Steam, the Camp PAX Online 2021 has started and offers discounts on various games until July 20-21, depending on the game. You won’t find any AAA products there, but there are some smaller products that are just as fun to play.

Some of those games and my personal favorites are The Survivalists, Ghostrunner, and Cloudpunk. All these games are now available at a special price until the sale ends.

The Camp PAX sale is also a good place to try out new games. The sale includes a list of exclusive demos that you can only play during the Steam event. All demos are completely free and include colorful games like CrisTales and B.ARK

Camp PAX Online 2021 Steam Demos

Become part of PAX

To get more in the event, PAX allows you to join the official disagreement server to follow the news and chat with other gamers.

PAX merchandise is also for sale on Penny Arcade. The merch ranges from clothing elements to bags, pins and cups.

Camp PAX Online 2021 Merchandise

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