EE brings the ultimate upgrade to all customers, but it will break some phones

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EE brings 5G to all areas in the UK (Image: EE)

EE just made a bold commitment to upgrade the signal for all customers. Yes, the UK network has finally pledged to bring its rapid 5G upgrade to the entire UK. At the moment, only a limited number of areas have access to this next-generation technology that allows users to download files, games and movies at speeds of over 300Mbps – that’s about five times faster than the average UK fixed broadband can muster. .

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However, EE hopes to have covered the entire UK by 2028, meaning most people with a 5G-enabled phone in their pocket should be able to experience these epic speeds.

EE first launched 5G in 2019 and has since upgraded more than 100 cities. In the coming years this will be strengthened so that even rural areas will see better speeds with this ambition, supported by 4,500 square miles of new EE coverage combined with additional road, air and space solutions to provide fast connectivity on the go.

This upgrade is vital and it’s not just about faster downloads, as 5G can also handle more people using it at the same time, meaning things don’t grind to a halt at crowded stations and crowded stadiums.

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Speaking about the upgrade, Philip Jansen, Chief Executive of BT Group, said: “Over the past 18 months we have helped the UK meet the demands of a pandemic. We must now look ahead to build the strongest foundations to drive future growth. We are making a uniquely ambitious, long-term commitment to drive high-performance 5G further and faster, and to integrate it at the core with our fiber network for a seamless customer experience. Openreach was the first with fiber, EE was the first with 5G and together BT will be the first on the road to a fully converged future.”

So that’s the good news, but upgrading from the UK to 5G comes at a cost. EE has to shut down its existing 3G network to make room for better speeds in the future.

EE says the traffic going through this outdated technology is only 2 percent of the total and is constantly decreasing.

Unfortunately, that won’t please anyone who still uses an old 3G phone, as these devices will stop working when the plug is pulled in 2023.

It’s also worth remembering that to access 5G, you’ll need to buy a new smartphone, as older devices aren’t compatible with this upgrade.

The latest iPhone 12 models and most of Samsung’s new Galaxy ranges are 5G ready, and there are also plenty of budget phones that have received this new feature as well, including the Google Pixel 4a 5G and OnePlus Nord N200 5G.

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