Here’s How To Get Your Monster Hunter Stories 2 Palamute

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Here’s How To Get Your Monster Hunter Stories 2 Palamute

The patch that adds an adding Monster Hunter Rise Palamute is now live for Monster Hunter Stories 2, which also means we now know how to get one into the game. This is a free p-update, so getting the game to update when connected to the internet is the first step. After that, all that’s left for someone to do is make some significant game progress.

See, when it comes to figuring out how to get a Palamute, the most important part is getting to a certain point Monster Hunter Stories 2. (It’s not too rough.) Once you get past the Lamure area and can complete five star missions, you can look for it. The Quest Board has a [Special] Throw Me a Bone quest that gives you three Palamute Ticket (R) and one Palamute Ticket (SR) for Co-op Expeditions to get one. (Melynx has them too.) Give five Monster Bone+ and you get the tickets.

Once you have the tickets, choose Local Play or Online Play to see the [Explore] Palamute Den five star quest of [Explore] Palamute Home eight-star quest. (If you choose Local Play on the Switch, you can start the quest without another player.) You can then use a Palamute Ticket (N), Palamute Ticket (R), or Palamute Ticket (SR) to start the expedition.

There are also actually several Palamutes. When you get a Palamute egg on a quest, you’ll see a simple version of the Kamura village icon on it in different colors. That means the element for the Monstie within. So you can get a general idea of ​​what kind of damage it can do. However, once you hatch one, all Palamutes only know the Dash and Ivy Walls field abilities. This means it can be a practical ally for reconnaissance purposes.

Here’s a trailer showing off the Palamute in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

YouTube video

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC, just like the free Palamute pupdate.

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