Marilyn Monroe’s script for The Seven Year Itch on sale for £90,000

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The starlet, then 28, wrote herself instructions to land the role of the come-hither neighbor in Billy Wilder’s 1955 rom-com.

The 113-page document, marked “FINAL,” includes pencil notes to be “free, direct, open, honest, fair, charming – fresh, a twinkle.”

Another take demands: “My body in his as if I want to go straight to bed with him and there. Wave the hips again.”

Marilyn Monroe’s script sells for £90,000 (Image: NC)

The film, which includes the scene where her dress blows over a vent, paired her with stage actor Tom Ewell as the lecherous neighbor.

The script will be sold tomorrow in Dallas, Texas. Heritage Auctions said, “She was preparing to play Marilyn, play the character.”

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