Metroid Dread Report Vol. 3 Details New Gameplay Info

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The Metroid dread Report Vol. 3 has been dropped. While it does feature general information about the series, it also showcases need features on the upcoming game.

Samus Aran

The report details how Samus’ suit has changed from the previous games.

In the Metroid Fusion game, Samus’ suit was greatly transformed after the emergency removal of pieces eroded by the X parasite and a life-saving injection of the Metroid vaccine—resulting in an organic appearance for her suit. Now, her suit is gradually returning to its original, mechanical Power Suit form.

We can still see the organic blue materials that wraps around her suit in Metroid Dread / Credit: Nintendo

What all this essentially means is that this is the same Fusion Suit from Metroid Fusion. However, it is in the process of reverting back to its original form.


The Metroids were artificially created by the Chozo to combat the X parasite, the same type that infected Samus during Metroid Fusion.

Some–such as Space Pirates–have tried to weaponize the Metroids because of their energy-absorbing abilities.

Samus was sent to planet SR388 by the Galactic Federation on a mission to eradicate the Metroid. She successfully accomplished her mission and returned with a Metroid hatchling in tow. As Samus was the first creature the hatchling saw, the “baby Metroid” imprinted onto her and believed Samus to be its mother. Soon after, however, this Metroid would become a source of conflict with the Space Pirates. In an ensuing battle, this Metroid would bravely sacrifice itself to save Samus. The species would go completely extinct after one of Samus’s later missions.

Metroid Dread Report Vol 3
Credit: Nintendo

It is states that by the start of Metroid Dread, the Metroid species no longer exists. It is currently unknown what this means for the future of the franchise or if the Metroids will actually return.


The exploration section of the report reveals some interesting details about the map.

Supposedly, after destroying an E.M.M.I. with the Omega Cannon, the region of map that it patrols will turn green, marking it as safe from E.M.M.I.s. From the images, we can see that the E.M.M.I. zones are really big.

Metroid Dread Report Vol 3
Credit: Nintendo

A new feature shown in the report allows you to expand the mini-map by pressing the Left Direction Button.

Previously revealed information are also present in the report. These include: markers that you can place on the map and mini-map, highlighting specific icons, zooming in and out of the mini-map, and glowing places on the map, which indicated hidden items.


An interesting tidbit about the Chozo is that the report states that there may still be Chozo alive in the galaxy.

Once a very powerful force with both intelligence and military might, their position weakened over many years. Now, only a few of them have been sighted, and these remaining Chozo mostly try to avoid attention.

It is thought that Chozo were extinct, but that no longer may be the case. In fact, in the reveal trailer, we saw a glimpse of a Chozo in one of the shots.

The X parasite

The X parasite is one of the deadliest being in the universe. It can latch onto a host and use their genetic information to mimic them completely.

Metroid Dread Report Vol 3
Credit: Nintendo

We have seen this during Metroid Fusion in the form of SA-X.

The X parasite is considered eradicated after the destruction of SR388. However, the report implies that the X parasite may still exist and will appear in the upcoming Metroid Dread.

Metroid Dread releases on the Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021.

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