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Fear Street Part 3: 1666 brings the trilogy to a close with a chilling twist and a final showdown. But if you’re wondering whether Sam and Deena make it to the finish line with their love intact, be prepared for an epic amount of storytelling centered on this pair.

We were introduced to these two as exes dealing with their break-up due to Sam’s move to Sunnyvale and her fear of making their relationship public. Their hurt, however, had to take a backseat when Sam inadvertently disturbed Sarah Fier’s grave.

It’s an incident that puts Sam and Deena straight into the murderous path of the legendary Shadyside Killers with their friends caught up in the mix as well. The first movie saw the couple reunite after they believed the worst to be over only for Sam to be turned into one of the curse’s playthings.

Since that moment Deena, along with her brother Josh, have been on a mission to save Sam and stop the witch from wreaking anymore havoc on their lives and the town. Her valiant effort is the stuff romance, but is it enough to keep her and Sam together once the dust settles?

Deena and Sam’s romance in Fear Street Part 3

Spoilers ahead for Fear Street Part 3

Yes, one thousand times yes! Not only do Deena and Sam stay together in the movie, their love story is aligned with that of Sarah Fier and Hannah Miller which took place 300 years ago. If you haven’t seen the last movie in the Fear Street trilogy, then here is where you need to stop reading. There’s a major twist in Part 3 that you won’t want to be spoiled for.

In the village of Union, both Sarah and Hannah are regarded well by their neighbors and friends. However, Hannah’s mother, Goody Miller, sees what the others don’t between the girls i.e. attraction. There’s a palpable pull between the two that’s undeniable, but it’s forbidden.

Their ’90s counterparts, Deena and Sam, have dealt with lesbophobia but not to the degree that Sarah and Hannah do once they’re found out. They’re declared witches after a massacre they didn’t commit and a blight overtakes the town.

Still, through it all, their love for one another and Sarah’s determination to save Hannah as well as punish the person who framed them, is what leads to the unmasking of the real witch who has plagued Shadyside for centuries.

The twist reveals the Fear Street movies to be a story about the power of love. In its corruption as shown through the framing of Sarah and, most importantly, its ability to transcend time as we see through her love for Hannah.

It’s Sarah’s anger over the loss of her family, the future she may have had with Hannah, the destruction of her name, and the taking of her life that allows her to hold tight to the true witch’s spirit. She dogs their steps from generation to generation, ensuring that whoever comes across her resting place will be bestowed with the knowledge of what truly happened in Union all those years ago.

Deena, as fiercely determined as Sarah, ends the curse, stopping the witch from killing anyone else. She saves the town, yes, but she also saves Sam. Together the two are able to do what Sarah and Hannah couldn’t because of bigotry and fearmongering, they get to have the promise of a future.

It’s a beautiful ending for two characters who, because of their sexual orientation, wouldn’t typically be the stars of a horror trilogy let alone the core romance. The Fear Street movies are great for many reasons and on that list is the love story between Deena and Sam.

All three Fear Street movies are available to stream now on Netflix.

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