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The Fear Street trilogy was a major success at Netflix, or so it appears from the outside looking in.

The first Fear Street movie, Fear Street Part 1: 1994, premiered on Netflix on July 2, 2021, followed by Fear Street Part 2: 1978 and Fear Street Part 3: 1666. As you know if you watched the movies, they all tell different parts of the story of Shadyside through the decades.

The movies are based on the books written by R.L. Stine, and even after watching Fear Street Part 3, there’s definitely room for more! And, there are several ways Netflix can make it happen!

There are some spoilers for the Fear Street trilogy below.

Is there another Fear Street trilogy?

Well, not yet! Netflix has not announced plans for a second Fear Street trilogy, but I think it’s only a matter of time before that happens. We need to see Fear Street Part 4!

There’s no denying these movies are successful. They’ve been on the Netflix Top 10 since their release in early July, and I don’t think that’s going to be slowing down anytime soon.

We haven’t seen Netflix release movies like this in the past (one movie per week), but there’s, again, no denying that it worked. There’s been so much buzz surrounding these movies, and it seems clear that there’s so much potential for more. I really enjoyed these stories, and I don’t know if they could have been better, but Netflix could go even bigger in the future.

What is the next Fear Street trilogy about?

There is so much source material to pull from for another series like this. Stine wrote more than 50 Fear Street books. 50!

I’d love to see Netflix keep this group of characters together. Kiana Madeira and Olivia Welch have undeniable chemistry. Benjamin Flores Jr. Is going to be a star! Gillian Anderson and Darell Britt-Gibson are awesome, as well.

At the end of Fear Street Part 3, we saw someone swipe the book that the Goode family was using to summon the devil. So, they could easily do the same thing that the Goodes were doing and bring evil back to Shadyside, right?

I would love to see what Leigh Janiak and the creative team come up with while paying homage to other horror movies. There’s so much left to be explored in this world, and I hope we get to see it one day.

When is the next Fear Street trilogy coming to Netflix?

At this point, Netflix has to order the next original trilogy and then the pre-production phase begins. Writing! Hopefully, that’s already happening. These things can be fast-tracked, so hopefully, Netflix is already rolling out plans for the next Fear Street. 

Then, there’s production. Obviously, they’re not just filming one movie. They are filming three movies, which takes a lot of time. I think they filmed each movie in about a month for the first three Fear Street movies.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s probably going to be a while before we see the next Fear Street trilogy. So, I think the earliest we could see Fear Street Vol. 2 on Netflix would be in the summer of 2022.

Now, that means that production on the next round has to start soon to make that happen. If there’s a delay or they have to wait until next spring or summer to start production, it’s probably not very likely that we’ll see the next round of movies in the summer of 2022.

Because we haven’t heard anything yet, my gut is telling me that we’ll probably see the next Fear Street trilogy in October 2022. Wouldn’t this just be the perfect Halloween movie event for Netflix? I think so!

Stay tuned for more news about the Fear Street trilogy! We will let you know the Fear Street Part 4 release date when we find out.

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