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Every day, we thank The CW powers that be that they’re still sticking behind Dynasty, one of the best and most underrated guilty pleasures currently on air. But we’re not guilty about this pleasure. In fact, we’re already looking ahead to Dynasty season 5.

Currently in its fourth season on The CW, the Dynasty reboot has continued to toss out nods to the 1980s classic while forging its own path as an inventive comedy-drama hybrid full of all the soapy goodness you want on a Friday night.

After a whirlwind and often chaotic romance, Fallon and Liam tied the knot, but the adventure continues during their first year of marriage in Dynasty season 4. Of course, Fallon’s quest to becoming a billion-dollar mogul to best her father will never cease.

But what’s next after all of the plot twists of season 4 have come and gone? Are we going to see Fallon, Liam, Blake, Alexis and the rest of the Carrington, Colby and Anders families back for Dynasty season 5? Here’s what we know about the renewal news, release date and more.

Is there a Dynasty season 5?

As luck would have it, The CW already announced advanced renewals for the majority of its shows, including the under-appreciated Dynasty. Although the series won’t be back in time for the 2021 fall season like Riverdale season 6, we’ll be seeing Dynasty season 5 sometime in early to mid-2022.

Since Dynasty season 4 got off to such a delayed start in May 2021, premiering one year after its previous season finale, expect season 5 to arrive late… but not as late. The next run of Carrington drama could arrive, by the grace of Fallon, as soon as January 2022, but take that with a grain of salt.

Dynasty season 5 Netflix release date

While the turnaround time between season 4 and season 5 remains to be seen, we do know for a fact that both seasons will start streaming on Netflix about a week after their televised runs. Whether season 5 wraps on The CW in May, June, July or what have you, expect the season to hit Netflix eight days later.

Are you excited for Dynasty season 5? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments, and stay tuned for more Dynasty news and updates!

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