New emoji coming to iPhone, Android and Windows… but one is already controversial

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Latest emoji bundle coming to Samsung, Google and Apple phones later this year (Image: EMOJIPEDIA • GETTY)

Get ready to express yourself in a whole new way – 102 new ways to be exact. That’s the number of new emoji coming to your smartphone, computer, and web browser later this year. Draft versions of these all-new characters have been released to mark World Emoji Day on July 17, 2021, and you can vote for your favorite right now.

New emoji are usually unveiled every March, but this latest batch was delayed due to Covid. That means the designers have had a little longer to work on it and it seems to be paying off in some unusual and unique designs. Voting for the World Emoji Awards is now open and you can vote for one of the new emojis in the ‘Most Expected Emoji’ category.

For some, the new uses for the characters are pretty obvious. You can send a friendly handshake in 18 different skin tone variations, while a clever greeting emoji is perfect for those patriotic moments.

The sweet “hands of hearts” symbol is sure to become an instant favorite for sending support to loved ones. Another shows a face peering through his fingers—perhaps cringing at a horror movie or car accident reality show. The shiny new disco ball will be welcomed by ABBA and Eurovision fans. A troll character could be used to point out bad behavior on social media.

Others are a bit more obscure. The “hand with eye” emoji is a “hamsa” symbol, popular across the Middle East as an amulet to ward off the “evil eye.” We can’t see many uses for the x-ray, bean, or ring cuff emojis, though the melting smiley will come in handy during heat waves.

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Some are excited about the new roster, while others feel the additions are a bit controversial (Image: EMOJIPEDIA)

By far the most controversial, however, are the “pregnant man” and “pregnant person” characters, which have already sparked debate on the Internet. One man said that despite its intended use, “I’m just going to use it when I eat too much.” Another joked: “This is the emoji you send your partner after you’ve been drinking all night and slathering on a dirty kebab”.

Others said it was a gesture of inclusion for the few hundred transgender men who give birth each year. “Trans men can get pregnant, AND trans men are just as much as a man than those born in the right body,” wrote one Twitter user.

Love them or loathe them, you’ll have to wait a little longer to use the new designs. At the moment, the emoji are just proposals from Unicode, the organization that creates and manages all official emoji.

The final versions will be approved in September this year. And because each vendor, like Apple, Samsung, and Google, can choose how the symbols are displayed, they may end up looking a little different by the time you see them again.

In other emoji news, Microsoft has redesigned some old favorites for its Office product range. Instead of a paperclip, users see a thumbnail Clippy, Windows 97’s hated “virtual assistant,” who made a dramatic comeback this week. It has also created more colorful 3D versions of the other emojis, such as the unicorn and smiley faces, with quirky new expressions.

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