Puzzle platformer Where’s Samantha? coming to Nintendo Switch

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ROKiT Games and developer Respect Studios announced that their puzzle platformer, Where’s Samantha? is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall. Currently available on Steam, the game has players traveling through cunningly designed puzzles to discover where Samantha has gone. A Nintendo Switch announcement trailer can be seen below….

In Where is Samantha? Join George to find the whereabouts of his beloved Samantha. George and Samantha are two characters created by a simple tailor who fell in love with each other and lived a very happy life until Samantha suddenly disappears. It’s up to the players to take control of George and guide him through 45 colorful dust levels, filled with an array of deadly hazards, bottomless pits and increasingly difficult puzzles to solve.

To aid George in his quest, he has the handy ability to combine with fabric to increase his weight and can use this extra fabric to clone himself to overcome some of the toughest challenges.

There are also a number of letters that you can collect in the levels to tell the story of George’s adventure.

Where is Samantha? Characteristics:

  • A love story between two pieces of fabric that will sew a heart into your memory.
  • 45 levels full of mind-boggling obstacles.
  • Combination-dependent and physics-based puzzles.
  • Beautiful hand drawn art style.
  • Told with humor by award-winning actor and presenter Rufus Hound.

YouTube video

Watch out for Where is Samantha? is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

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