Streets of Rage 4 Switch DLC issue incoming

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Streets of Rage 4 Switch DLC issue incoming

The Streets of anger 4 mr. X Nightmare DLC is available now, but due to a technical issue, it cannot be purchased from the Nintendo Switch eShop. Dotemu has released a statement warning people that it, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games are aware and working to resolve the situation. While it didn’t have an exact release window, it noted that it could take a few days for people to buy the game.

Here is the full statement, which Dotemu shared on Twitter. If people have a code for the Streets of anger 4 DLC, they can enter that into the Switch eShop and purchase it without any problems.

We are aware of a technical issue that could prevent Nintendo Switch players from using the [Streets of Rage 4] DLC. We are all hands on deck to resolve this issue for fans and will be posting updates to ETA for when we expect the fix to be live.

Currently, our best forecast is that the fix will come in the next few days, but after that we can’t provide a more accurate time frame. This is extremely unfortunate for fans of the game who have been patiently waiting for the DLC, and our unreserved apologies.

For media outlets or content creators who already own game code, please note that you can play the game without this issue affecting gameplay.

the mr. X Nightmare add-on includes three playable characters, a Survival mode, more music and some additional weapons. It and a new free update that adds Mania+ difficulty are now available on all platforms.

Streets of anger 4 is available for the PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC, as is the Mr. X Nightmare add-on. The Streets of anger 4 The DLC Switch issue is being worked on. The PS4 and Switch Anniversary Edition with DLC on the wagon and disc will be released on September 24, 2021.

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