Tales of Crestoria is offering 200 free subpoenas as part of 1st anniversary

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Tales of Crestoria is offering 200 free subpoenas as part of 1st anniversary

In honor of the first birthday of verjaardag Stories of Crestoria, a total of two hundred subpoenas will be available completely free of charge via a special banner. Until August 4, 2021, players can perform a free x10 roll daily in Stories of Crestoria, which will add up to the above two hundred summonses in total. In addition, Stories of Crestoria has several other campaigns underway to first birthday of the mobile title.

This includes the “Select-a-Stone” campaign, which rewards players with a special ticket that they can use to redeem a Memoria stone of their choice. Other campaigns include a first birthday login bonus that rewards players with up to 7,000 Gleamstones. This campaign will run until September 2, while the ‘Select-a-Stone’ campaign will run until September 20, 2021.

In addition, another in-game campaign is currently distributing free summon tickets to players through daily logins. A total of two hundred summon tickets will be available through daily logins until September 15, 2021. However, these tickets can only be used through a selected banner. This campaign is available to both new and returning players.

And finally, Stories of Crestoria has also released a special version of its main character Kanata via a temporary step-up banner. This new version of Kanata has a slight variation in its design and is based on fire elements. You can watch the demonstration video below.

Stories of Crestoria is available immediately for Android and iOS devices.

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