Alexa can come to your Smart TV tonight! Update to bring Echo Assistant to a big screen

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The next webOS update could bring chatty AI assistant Alexa to your Smart TV (Image: AMAZON • GETTY • LG ELECTRONICS)

Amazon’s chatty AI assistant Alexa is being added to a range of smart TVs overnight in a software update. When the new software is running on your television, you can speak into the remote to switch channels, find movies by specific directors, or ask general knowledge questions — just like an Amazon Echo.

The latest update comes thanks to a partnership between Amazon and LG Electronics. LG TVs that come with the LG Magic Remote can use their channel changer like an Amazon Echo.

According to LG, Alexa will arrive on televisions powered by its webOS Smart TV platform. The update will launch in North America, followed by Europe, including the UK, and Asia in the coming weeks and months. Unfortunately, there is no definitive timetable yet, but hopefully we don’t have to wait too long before the upgrade lands.

Besides LG TVs, other supported brands are Blaupunkt, Polaroid, Seiki and Skytech.

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LG TV Alexa Amazon Echo Update New Feature UK

A number of webOS TVs now allow access to Alexa from the remote (Image: LG • GETTY)

LG Home Entertainment Head of Content Services Jung Sung-hyun said: “Adding Amazon Alexa to the long list of webOS features will enhance the user experience and increase the value of our growing smart TV ecosystem. Bringing together the capabilities of Alexa with the convenience of webOS for third-party TVs is a win-win for TV brands, customers and developers.”

If you don’t have an Amazon Echo yet, but have an LG TV in the living room, you can try some of the best-selling smart speaker features. That means you can get the latest headlines, check weather or traffic conditions, turn on smart lights, order takeaways and more with your voice.

The arrival of Alexa should also boost accessibility. The ability to switch HDMI inputs, find channels in the EPG and launch streaming apps like Netflix with the push of a single button and your voice should help those a little less tech savvy to discover new features. to discover.

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