Shattered Glass Jetfire and Beast Wars Ravage Figures Revealed by Hasbro

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Hasbro has revealed two more upcoming additions to its Transformers toy line with the Commander Class Broken glass Exclusive to Jetfire and Pulse Con Agent Ravage and Micromaster Decepticons Forever Ravage two-pack of Transformers: Beast Wars; check them out here…

Transformers: Generations Shattered Glass Commander Class Jetfire




The Shattered Glass Collection Commander JETFIRE figure is 12″ (30cm) tall, transforms from robot to Cybertronian Jet mode in 36 steps and comes with 12 armor and weapon accessories and 6 explosion effects. The deco of this JETFIRE figure is inspired by the Shattered Glass universe, complete with a purple AUTOBOT logo that revolves to reveal a red DECEPTICON logo. With conflicting loyalty to the DECEPTICON cause, JETFIRE defected and joined the AUTOBOTS and their quest for universal conquest.

The figure also comes with a brand new comic book, in IDW’s Shattered Glass Issue #5, Jetfire’s loyalty is tested when Goldbug asks him to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of the Autobots. His decision results in a Cybertron-shattering event and an epic “Shards” ending.

Discover a universe that shatters everything you know about the Transformers robots… an upside-down world where the bad guys are good and the good guys are bad. Welcome to Shattered Glass, an alternate universe where the heroic DECEPTICONS battle the evil AUTOBOTS. Fans can explore this bizarre reality with the TRANSFORMERS Shattered Glass Collection, featuring classic characters with a twist! Search for other Shattered Glass figures to build the ultimate collection of alternate universes (each sold separately, subject to availability).

Transformers: Generations War for Cybertron Deluxe Covert Agent Ravage and Micromaster Decepticons Forever Ravage





Decepticons Forever! Celebrating 25 years of the iconic animated series Beast Wars: Transformers, fans can add this 2-pack to their collection, featuring the classic Predacon/Decepticon jaguar, Ravage! Ravage may have been transformed into a Predacon, but after seeing a secret message from his long-dead Decepticon leader, he realizes where his loyalties lie. This pack is inspired by the scene where Ravage joins the Predacons, changes into his former mini-cassette mode, and jumps into the Transwarp Cruiser’s tape recorder.

This pack includes a 5.5-inch Deluxe COVERT AGENT RAVAGE figure that changes from robot to jaguar mode in 20 steps and a 1.5-inch Micromaster DECEPTICONS FOREVER RAVAGE figure that changes from jaguar to mini-cassette in 4 steps. mode changes. Pose with 2 pistol weapon accessories and 2 explosion effects and decorate DECEPTICONS FOREVER RAVAGE in cassette mode with the included G1-inspired stickers. Recreate the classic Beast Wars: Transformers scene with pack art inspired by the command deck of the Transwarp Cruiser who is the captain of Ravage.

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