Dyson V15 Detect review: is this laser-guided vacuum really worth £600?

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Dyson V15 Detect review (Image: DYSON)

It’s not often we get excited about testing a new vacuum cleaner, but when the Dyson V15 Detect arrived at our front door, we couldn’t wait to rip open the box and clean. Why do you ask that? Well, this latest Dyson includes some never-before-seen features, including a futuristic laser that shows exactly where the microscopic mud on your floor is hiding, making it easier to see and suck it up. It also counts the particles, so you know exactly how unclean your house was. This laser-guided system certainly sounds impressive, but does it really work and does that mean the V15 Detect is worth the £600 Dyson wants you to buy one?

Express.co.uk has been running the Dyson V15 Detect through our house for the past few weeks and here’s what we think…


Now you may think that a laser-guided vacuum cleaner is just a giant Dyson gimmick to entice you to buy a new gadget. And honestly, when we first heard about the technology… that thought occurred to us too.

Founded by inventor James Dyson in 1978, Dyson is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of new technologies. But we have to admit, the Dyson V15 Detect continues that tradition. Snap on the laser cleaning head, press the power button and a beam of green light will spread across the floor in front of you – revealing every bit of grime, crumbs and even the tiniest speck of dust trying to hide.

There’s something immensely satisfying about vacuuming up those bits of hair, crushed rice cakes and fluff that you’d normally miss with a standard vacuum and there’s no doubt that it actually works… well, most of the time.

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Dyson V15 Detect review

The V15 Detect features a laser that reveals where each dust is located (Image: DYSON)

Dyson V15 Detect review

Dyson V15 Detect review (Image: DYSON)

One thing we’ve noticed is that the laser isn’t at its best in rooms bathed in sunlight. It’s not powerful enough to illuminate dust on the brightest summer day, so you’re sure to see more of that hard-to-find grime if you use it with the curtains drawn or when the sun goes down.

If you don’t mind a bit of vacuuming at night, you’ll no doubt be seriously impressed – and a little disgusted – at what this new Dyson can find on your floors. This laser works brilliantly on hard floors, lighting up the debris of the day when you get close to it. Don’t expect the Dyson V15 Detect to reveal what’s hiding in your carpets, though, because it won’t.

While that may sound disappointing, V15 Detect comes with another cleaning head in the box that will absolutely love your carpets. The impressive anti-tangle Hair Screw not only gives the fibers a really deep clean, but, as the name suggests, it doesn’t get clogged with hair and dirt, meaning you don’t have to clean it.

Dyson says the head is designed to handle human and pet hair, with the engineers finely adjusting the precise angle of the bristles on the tool so that the dirt goes straight into the dust clutter rather than getting entangled. It works well and should definitely mean you’re not stuck with the awful work of pulling old dog hair out of the brush.

Dyson V15 Detect review

The piezo sensor shows how much dirt is being sucked up (Image: DYSON)

The next impressive new addition to the V15 Detect is the new “piezo sensor”, which analyzes what is being sucked off your floors. It all happens in real time. The built-in display shows a bar graph showing exactly what has been sucked up under your feet.

To be fair, the colorful graphics look nice, but it’s hard to fathom what it all means and we’re not sure how many people will understand or care about what’s displayed. After all, when was the last time you vacuumed your house and stared into the overstuffed trash can, wondering what exactly is the most junk?

Fortunately, it’s not just a gimmick, because the piezo sensor can also recognize when there is more dust on a part of the floor. When it finds a dirt-filled area, it automatically pumps up the power, which is very handy.

This automatic setting means that the vacuum only adds more suction when needed, so you can extend battery life. You can ignore this option and set things up yourself, but we left it on automatic for most of our testing and our floors look spic and span without running out of juice.

Dyson V15 Detect review

The dust container can fill up quite quickly (Image: DYSON)

Dyson V15 Detect review

The Dyson V15 Detect comes with plenty of accessories to keep your home clean (Image: DYSON)

In fact, with this option enabled, we were able to clean a four-bedroom family home and still had 50 percent in the tank. You can also constantly see how much battery is left in the tank via the built-in screen on top of the handle.

There’s a lot to love about this clever new V15 Detect, but are there any issues?

Other than the incredibly high price tag, we honestly don’t have many complaints. It is quite heavy to use so may not be for everyone and the 0.7 liter dust container fills up quite quickly so it should be emptied after most cleanings. Fortunately, the mechanism for dumping the contents into the bin is cleverly designed so that you don’t have to touch the dust, which is nice.

Like all Dyson vacuums, you can’t change the battery, so anyone who owns a Premier League-style mansion might find it annoying if the juice runs out halfway through – especially as it takes some time to refill once it’s finished. is connected to the mains voltage.

Other than that, this is a very impressive cleaning solution that comes with additional accessories – including a crevice tool, Torque Drive Cleanerhead and Quick-release mini soft dusting brush – to ensure that every inch of your home remains spotless.

Dyson V15 Detect review

Dyson V15 Detect review (Image: DYSON)

Dyson V15 Detect Review: Final Verdict

A laser-guided vacuum may sound like a ridiculous gimmick, but it’s amazing what you’ll find on your floors in full view when you use it. There’s something immensely satisfying about watching the mud carpet you’re about to erase with the powerful suction. Honestly, the futuristic laser actually makes the weekly chores a bit more fun.

The anti-tangle Hair Screw is a nice addition and the piezo sensor ensures that this vacuum only uses full power when it’s really needed, so you don’t have to worry about battery life as you move around the house. flows.

Yes, the price tag is ridiculous. At £600, this vacuum cleaner is hugely expensive, but right now it’s definitely the best Dyson on the market. And if that’s what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to buy one.

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