The fate of the Nostromo arrives in August

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Ravensburger has announced the upcoming release of Alien: The Fate of the Nostromo, an immersive thriller tabletop experience where players can take on the roles of Ripley and her fellow crew members and relive the terror of Ridley Scott’s iconic sci-fi horror film.

In this strategy game, based on the 1979 film, players work together to move around the ship, collect supplies and craft items. A deadly Alien haunts the crew of the commercial spaceship NOSTROMO as they struggle to survive. Crew members should proceed with caution as they progress through various missions – the ALIEN could be just around the corner.

To win, crew members must complete their starting objectives and one of the last five missions. Crew members lose if their morale reaches zero, indicating that the crew has lost hope, or if the Nostromo self-destructs.

The game includes miniatures for each playable character (Ripley, Dallas, Parker, Brett, and Lambert) and the Alien. Players can also add Science Officer Ash to increase the game’s difficulty.



Alien: The Fate of the Nostromo will be available exclusively at Target on August 1, priced at $29.99, before rolling out to other retailers later in the year.

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