Virgin Media warns ALL users to avoid broadband outages as heatwave

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Rising temperatures could wreak havoc on Virgin Media’s Wi-Fi router, it warns (Image: VIRGIN MEDIA • GETTY)

Summer has And last but not least arrived in the UK. Just days after record rains in the capital led to flooding, the mercury reached 30ºC in England and Wales today. But while that means it’s perfect weather to finally dust off your shorts, plan a barbecue or hit the beach… rising temperatures can be terrible news for your home Wi-Fi network.

Virgin Media O2 given a warning to all broadband customers in the UK prior to the heat wave. As the Met Office predicted the hottest temperatures of the year yet, the telecommunications company emailed customers with some advice on making sure their Wi-Fi router survives the sweltering heat.

Virgin Media O2 warned customers about the adverse effects of high temperatures on their routers, warning that “it’s important to keep your router out of direct sunlight as it can overheat, just like your phone or laptop.”

For most customers, the Wi-Fi router is in the same place it was left when the mechanic was called to fit. As Virgin Media O2 relies on its own full-fibre broadband network, rather than the shared Openreach cables favored by BT, Sky, TalkTalk and a number of other brands, first-time customers needing a technician to install a ​​drill a hole and feed the fiber optic cable into their home. To prevent too much nuisance, this often happens in a corridor or a room facing the street.

Virgin Media O2 is testing a very significant change in broadband rollout

Virgin Media Router Heatwave Update Broadband Speeds Outage

If you have one of Virgin Media’s routers, all three pictured above, heed the warning (Image: VIRGIN MEDIA)

To prevent an unsightly fiber optic cable from running through your house, the router is often mounted next to the entry point. This means that you will often find routers balanced on windowsills or in direct sunlight in the hall. While it may be tempting to hide the Wi-Fi hub in a closet, Virgin Media warns O2 that doing so can also have serious consequences in the heat.

“That doesn’t mean you should put your router in a closet or hide behind your TV,” it warns customers. “While the wireless internet is radiating around your home, some things can prevent the signal from dropping, such as large electrical appliances and even large bodies of water. And if it gets too hot, it can slow down your connection or even come to a halt. proper placement of the Hub router can also mean longer range, so you can get backyard Wi-Fi if your house layout allows it.”

The company has put in place a few simple rules to avoid losing broadband over the hot weekend — and to make sure you get the best internet signal possible, even when you’re hanging out in the yard soaking up the sun’s rays.

Virgin Media O2 advises customers…

  • Don’t hide your router, put it somewhere it can breathe.
  • A good place is a cool place and out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep your router far away from water, even aquariums.

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