National-level IP and original planning, DeNA, who has devoted himself to IP creation, is really moving

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GameLook reported that on July 17 at 19:00, TapTap held the 2021 game launch conference as scheduled. The game lineup is luxurious, adding a bit of heat to this summer. The two works officially released by DeNA instantly caught GameLook’s attention.

Starting from the apex of JRPG, another carnival of core players

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The first thing that caught GameLook’s eyes was the Japanese national-level IP adaptation of “Dragon Quest: Dayi’s Great Adventure”. The original comic book shares the same world view as “Dragon Quest”, which is similar to a legend. It was completed in the late 1990s, and 47 million copies of the book have been sold. Last year, the brand new production version of the animation of the same name was launched in the autumn file and received wide acclaim. This year, the mobile game and host works will be launched at the same time, launching a new round of IP offensive.

Speaking of JRPG, “Dragon Quest” is a classic that cannot be avoided. Countless games, film and television dramas pay tribute to him. There are many classic settings in “Dragon Quest” starring Takayuki Yamada, such as the brave and the devil, the monster slime, the recovery magic, and even the search for props in the private house, and so on.

As the apex of the kingly JRPG, the fans of “Dragon Quest” in China are a group of core players. This time DeNA selected a classic IP animation adaptation of a mobile game, precisely for a group of passionate hardcore players, and this is what it is good at. Although the types are different, many products under DeNA have already achieved success. From the perspective of adaptations of similar categories in the same era, “Dream Simulator Mobile Games” also proves that domestic players born in the 80s and 90s have deep market potential.

In addition, with the launch of “Dragon Quest 11S” and other series of works on the PC, the audience of the game in China has also continued to expand, and its influence in China has steadily increased. In the face of this new change, DeNA has also made product adjustments for a new generation of players who are more accustomed to mobile games. The game adopts a vertical screen mode that is more suitable for mobile phone operations, and has made changes in combat and development systems.

Players can enjoy the original animation plot and the world of “Dragon Quest” in the game. The high-quality 3D animation performance of the game restores the original plot. Players not only have the opportunity to personally operate the “Dai”, “Pop” and other heroic soldiers, but also can use the characters of the demon king’s army such as “Hadra” and “Xukaier”. The game “Dragon Quest: Monster Carnival Party”, which is also in the world of Dragon Quest, has no national server, but it is very popular in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It must be able to control evil forces and satisfy the great desire of many fans. In addition, players can also unlock anecdotal plots of their favorite characters by accumulating intimacy with the characters.

Similar to “Dragon Quest X”, players can freely switch between martial arts, magicians and other professions, and customize their equipment and skills. The unique combat system of the game further deepens the player’s choice. Players will experience a unique three-line combat system, using familiar magic and combat skills in the series to fight against monsters such as old opponent slimes and golems.

“Dragon Quest: Dayi’s Great Adventure” starts from the apex of JRPG and will surely bring more surprises to players who love Japanese-style adventures. The powerful combination of DeNA and SE is bound to set off another core player. A carnival.

Classical music + the second dimension, the inheritance and collision of classics and subcultures

What surprises GameLook more than “Dragon Quest” is the classical music + two-dimensional multimedia IP project “Fate Echo”. With a large number of high-quality IP in hand, the ability to adapt the “Lie Win” DeNA uncharacteristically, break away from the habitual style of IP authorization, devote itself to IP creation, and carefully incubate the original IP, which shows DeNA’s determination and confidence in the project.

Following multimedia projects such as Cygames “Horse Race” and SE “Deep Insanity”, DeNA continues to lead the front line of market changes. DeNA’s latest project “takt op. (タクトオーパス)” is officially named “Fateful Echo” in China. GameLook believes that this project is likely to be the same as “Deep Insanity”, using animation and game timeline dislocation narrative to spread the IP story, but there may be differences in the world background, character image and other aspects. Through the animation “takt op. Destiny” and the game “Echoes of Fate”, players will experience the chemical reaction of classical music and the second element.

The new and powerful MAPPA cooperated with the veteran powerhouse MADHOUSE and was responsible for the IP animation. The animation director is Ito Yuki. He was responsible for the 15th episode of “Blade of Demon Slayer” and the 16th episode of “Attack on Titan”, both of which brought the works to a climax and detonated the popularity of the entire network. “Takt op.Destiny” will be launched first in Japan on October 5 this year.

The story of “Echoes of Fate” takes place in the near future. The world has been attacked by “dark iron meteors”. Unidentified creatures “D2” appeared on the earth to attack humans, in order to protect the world and drive out monsters. Players may play the role of a “conductor” and lead the “musicists” with the power of music to fight against “D2”.

Under the background of advocating cutting-edge technology and playing cool music, it is sparse and common to ignore the classics. However, the influence of classical music is extremely profound. The “Prelude and Fugue in A minor” composed by Bach is considered the originator of jazz. In modern music, countless musicians such as Coldplay, U2, Adele, Justin Bieber, etc. use or adapt classical music in their works. Classical music has never been absent in the history of music development.

On the other hand, “everything can be motherhood” is accelerating to become a reality. No matter it is historical or legendary characters, guns, ships, dishes, tea and medicine, cultural relics, household appliances, rare birds and animals, none of them can escape the storm of subcultural carnival. Games such as “The Horse Racing Girl” and “Azur Lane” are all very successful. However, no one has ever cast their eyes on the “Music Score Girl”.

Pixiv popular painter LAM and “EVA” painting supervisor Nagasawa Reiko personified the music score into reality. LAM is very bold in the use and collocation of cold and warm colors. It often continuously uses colors with strong contrast and high saturation in a small area, coupled with the highly recognizable eye drawing method, which gives people a strong impact.

In the game PV released, the role “destiny” dubbed by Kaede Hondo was highlighted. This well-known piece of music composed by Beethoven contains too many stories and emotions. At that time, Beethoven lost the hope of curing deafness, lost his lover, and lived in the German society under the pressure of feudalism. In a desperate situation, he challenged his fate. For 4 years in history, he wrote this song to express his determination to fight against bad luck. Count the sharpest contradictions in people’s hearts. Presumably, the role of “Destiny” will also usher in the cry of desperation in the game, face the bleakness of life, and then give players the determination and light to challenge all bad luck.

In addition, some of the four roles of “Jupiter”, “Little Star Variations”, “Valkyrie”, and “Carmen” in the project were also revealed. Uesaka Sumire, Hanamori Yumori and other well-known voice actors dubbed them. It is worth mentioning that Hanamori made a voice for “Carmen” this time, changing his usual “soft sister” line, which is very much looking forward to.

In fact, IP has already done a round of offline announcements on Bilibili World before. The highly completed venue layout and Cosplay have captured the attention of many players and created a rare two-dimensional offline event.” A sense of luxury”. People can’t touch where the “Dimensional Wall” is. This kind of meticulous care is also poured into the game-before the visual background design, the team went to Berlin, Germany for a field trip, trying to restore every detail in the scene and improve the player’s immersive experience.

Other production teams are also luxurious. DeNA and Prince Hiroi, the producer of “Sakura Wars”, will lead the original work.

Hideki Sakamoto arranged the composition, and used classical music to collide with the two-dimensional music passionately. He was responsible for the music production of “Three Kingdoms 14”, and I know that netizens commented that he is quite popular with Hisaishi. The tentacle monkey is responsible for recording the game’s piano soundtrack. This name will surely evoke the memories of countless old two-dimensional elements. Back then, the song “A Love Letter for Fantasy Girls” became a ringtone for many people.

Like many players, GameLook is also guessing the type of game. At present, many players think that this game is an audio game. However, the limitations of the two-dimensional anthropomorphism are very small. No matter which category the game ultimately chooses, it can be done closely. Each piece of music is full of stories and flavors of thousands of times. With mixed emotions, “Echoes of Fate” may start from a different entry point, using a two-dimensional approach to tell the rich heritage and history of classical music.

As DeNA’s original IP, “Echoes of Fate” makes GameLook full of interest. This game is aimed at the combination of two-dimensional + classical music. Obviously, it is well prepared. In the TapTap community that has gathered two-dimensional, I think it will be another one. Dark horse.

The goal is clear, DeNA has accumulated and developed

Many mobile games entering mainland China often have problems of inadequacy. Masterpieces such as “Zhilong Lost City” and “Monster Pinball” have not been able to capture the Chinese market. And DeNA is one of the few game manufacturers who understand the mainland market. As a comprehensive network service company, DeNA combines the needs of Chinese gamers and gives full play to its IP advantages in the animation field.

DeNA dropped two blockbusters at once, including the national IP “Dragon Quest Day’s Adventure” for core players, and the original IP “Echo of Fate” that captured the two-dimensional community. The success of the game has expanded the Chinese market in multiple dimensions, further broadened DeNA’s product lineup, and demonstrated its flexible thinking and ambition for the market.

DeNA, which has some special temperament, is even more distinctive.

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