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Have you made your way through what’s available to stream of Hunter x Hunter on Netflix and now you’re looking to see when Hunter x Hunter season 5 will be dropping on the platform? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We know it’s hard waiting on the latest season of a show you’ve fallen in love with, but the thing about Hunter x Hunter season 5 there’s no waiting necessary. While the series itself has been on a hiatus for several years, the season you’re looking for is already finished.

Unfortunately, however, it’s not on Netflix. At least not yet. Both season 5 and 6 of the anime were supposed to release on the streamer on July 1, but they missed their window. What’s On Netflix reports that both seasons are now scheduled for an August 1 drop on Netflix.

However, the series could miss its release window again, so we’re being cautious in our optimism for an August drop. But we do know where you can continue the adventures of Gon and his friends.

Where to stream Hunter x Hunter season 5

The rest of Hunter x Hunter’s story is available to stream on HBO Max, though the series isn’t divided into seasons like it is on Netflix. So if you’re looking to continue moving from season to season or, more accurately, from arc to arc, then that won’t be possible in the format you’re used to.

We can tell you that the Chimera Ant arc (or season 5) spans 61 episodes, starting with episode 76 in the series, “Reunion × and × Understanding.”

Fans of Hunter x Hunter can also expect to finish the action adventure anime on HBO Max. While season 6, also known as the Election Arc, isn’t the official conclusion of the series, it is where the anime has stopped for the time being.

Both the animated series and the manga for Hunter x Hunter are on an extended hiatus—though there’s been some exciting news concerning a possible return sometime in the future.

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