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Fear Street is officially the movie event of the summer! Netflix released the new Fear Street movies in consecutive weeks during the month of July, and fans absolutely loved the horror movies!

Normally, we have to wait years between sequels, but that’s not what happened with Fear Street. We saw Fear Street Part 1: 1994 on Friday, July 2, followed by Fear Street Part 2: 1978 on Friday, July 9, and Fear Street Part 3: 1666 on Friday, July 16.

Now, fans are wondering when Fear Street Part 4 and the next Fear Street movie will be released on Netflix. Unfortunately, Fear Street Part 4 is not coming to Netflix in July 2021.

There are only three Fear Street movies on Netflix right now and part of the original trilogy. Hopefully, there’s another Fear Street movie in the works at Netflix.

Fear Street Part 4 release date

Netflix has not announced plans for a fourth Fear Street movie yet or a second trilogy yet. Based on how successful these movies have been, it only makes sense that Netflix would continue making movies based on R.L. Stine’s Fear Street books. We need it to happen!

If Netflix orders more Fear Street movies, it’s probably going to be quite a while until we see them on Netflix. It takes a long time for these to happen and to get through all the phases of production.

While this is a rough estimate, the earliest we could see another Fear Street movie or the next trilogy would be in the fall of 2022. That’s our best guess for a release date.

There are so many things that have to go right for that to happen, and as we have seen with production around the world, there are still complications and protocols because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That could slow things down.

It’s probably more likely that we would see a two-year gap between the next Fear Street movie, which would be the summer of 2023.

That’s just our prediction at this time. We’ll have more information once Netflix formally announces more Fear Street projects, including Fear Street Part 4. 

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