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Sky Rojo season 2’s premiere on Netflix is quickly approaching!

Fans of the Spanish language original series were first introduced to Coral, Wendy, and Gina back in March as the three worked to get away from their pimp Romeo who they thought they’d killed.

Over the course of eight 25-minute episodes, we learned of the complicated backstories of the trio, how they ended up at Las Novias, and the boiling point that set them running.

Season 2 will continue their story as they stop trying to evade capture by Moises, Christian, and Romeo and instead face them head-on.

Here’s when the second season of Sky Rojo will be available to stream on Netflix.

Sky Rojo season 2 release time on Netflix

The next eight episode season of Sky Rojo premieres Friday, July 23 at 12:01 a.m. PT/3:01 a.m. ET on Netflix. It’s an early drop, but one these ladies would be no stranger to. Their work hours used to cover Spain’s night life.

However, now that they’re free they’ll be picking their own schedules and devoting their time to what they want to do. That’s bad news for the three men trying to drag them back to the brothel. No longer running scared, Wendy, Gina, and Coral are out for blood.

They’re not going back, and they’re not going to be hunted any longer. They do the hunting now, and they have their sights set on Romeo, Christian, and Moises. If the runaround wasn’t enough to shake them off their tail than perhaps some maiming and the possibility of being put six feet under will do the trick.

Welcome to the new world order, gentleman. The “brides” aren’t hares and the foxes have come out to play. Get ready for another wild ride with Sky Rojo season 2, Netflix Lifers!

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