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Fans of the long-running series The Walking Dead have been waiting for the release of season 10 on Netflix. Many fans will view this season for the first time, and others will be binging again to get caught up for the premiere of the eleventh and final season of the series.

Season 10 encountered many obstacles due to the covid pandemic. This caused many delays and reworkings for filming and production. Because of the pandemic, the creators came up with the idea of a bonus season, called season 10c, that would consist of six episodes that would focus on a character or just a few.

Some fans didn’t care for this third part of the season as it didn’t do a lot to advance the overall series. Others enjoyed the deep dive into some of the best-loved characters. Most notedly was the final episode, “Here’s Negan,” where we learned some of the backstory that created one of The Walking Dead’s worst villains. It was also the episode where fans of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife Hilarie finally got to see the couple on screen together.

The Walking Dead season 10 release date

Netflix will release the 10th season of The Walking Dead in its entirety on July 26 at 12:01 am PT, and 3:00 am ET. The season 10 mega season consisted of 22 episodes that premiered on AMC in October 2019, with its final episode airing April 2021. That is a long time for one season. Most fans already have the series in their queue as Netflix currently has seasons 1-9.

I won’t spoil anything here in case you haven’t watched the season, but know that many things go down, and there are heavy losses. You most definitely want to watch the series in its entirety before season 11 airs on August 22. The eleventh season will also be a mega season with 24 episodes released in three parts. This season will wrap up the flagship series.

Don’t miss the 10th season of The Walking Dead when it releases on Netflix on July 26.

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