The same is the second-generation explosion. Why does “The Horse Racing Niang” have an explosive display, but “The Original God” is very casual?

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GameLook report/ “The Original God” and “The Horse Racing Girl” turned out one after another, causing countless manufacturers to focus their attention on the two-dimensional circuit. GameAge Research Institute provides daily online time data for users of Japanese servers “Yuan Shen”, “The Horse Racing Girl”, and “V4”. They also happen to belong to three manufacturers in China, Japan, and South Korea. From it, GameLook found some phenomena that seemed counterintuitive.

With a huge open world, “Original God” is actually like a casual game?

Let’s first look at the “Yuan Shen” and “V4” that were launched at the same time. The male to female ratio of both players is close to 8:2, with the 10th to 30th generation players dominating.

Comparison of user online time between “Yuan Shen” and “V4”.

As can be seen from the above figure, the average daily game time of “Original God” players is 65.1 minutes, while that of “V4” is 91.6 minutes, which is about half an hour higher. Among them, the proportion of light players is basically the same, and the gap is mainly in heavy players.

As an MMORPG, the liver point of “V4” is similar to all competing products of the same kind. It is the eternal theme of MMO to build equipment, explore, and make achievements. To maintain progress, open wasteland and strategy require a large number of players. time.

“The Original God” is different. miHoYo hopes that every player can get a complete game experience in single player mode. The design of Boss and Dungeon is based on a single player experience. Therefore, the online game is more like an icing on the cake.

In addition, the daily and weekly dungeons of the original god are relatively simple. After completing the daily routine quickly, the player can choose whether to cultivate deeply in the game. The initiative is in the hands of the player, emphasizing the stand-alone experience will not bring the player’s anxiety of “being behind in progress”.

In this way, it is not difficult to understand the difference in the average daily duration of the players of “Original God” and “V4”. The design idea of ​​retreating for progress and giving up control has indeed won the success of “Original God”, and the pressure of progress has restricted the influx of new players into “V4”, and even persuaded many old players to retreat. 31.28% of the players who opened the service of “Original God”, plus new players and returning players, the number of long-term gamers reached more than 50%. In “V4”, only 20.94%, the total number of players can barely exceed 40%.

It is an indisputable fact that Japanese mobile games are heavy, and because of this, Japanese idle games are also very prosperous. GameLook believes that the popularity of “Yuan Shen” in Japan is precisely to capture the middle audience of “liver” and “free”, and hit the key to players who want to experience content but don’t want to bear the daily burden.

The average daily game time and share of players in “The Horse Racing Girl”.

Closer to home, the weird problem happened to Cy. In the mouth of the old players, the daily “Horse Girl” can be cleared in 20 minutes, and the average daily game time has reached 133 minutes. Among all players, up to 35.3% of players play for less than one hour, and 44.5% of players play for more than 2 hours or even 3 hours. This shows the serious polarization of “The Horse Racing Girl” players. By the way, unlike “Original God” and “V4”, the male to female ratio of this game is 9.5:0.5, which can be said to be completely geared towards male players.

The figure also shows that the game occupancy rate of “Horse Racing” (calculated based on the proportion of the mobile phone running APP throughout the day) is as high as 23.2%, which means that the average player is playing the game for 5 and a half hours a day, which seems to have exceeded one. The performance of mobile games. Subsequent “FGO”, “Blue File”, “Princess Link!” Re: Dive and Sparrow Soul are both time-consuming and sticky games, but they are hard to beat.

In front of “The Horse Racing Girl”, “The Original God”, which has a rich open world as its selling point, is simply a casual game.

TOP5 other games played by “Horse Racing Niang” players at the same time.

Even more exaggerated is that the players of “The Horse Racing Girl” are also playing “FGO”, “Zhilong Lost City”, “Monster Pinball”, “Princess Link” and “Blue Fantasy” at the same time. All these five games are not Japanese. The head products of mobile games are all time killers. More than 70% of the players who take care of both ends show that Japanese players are very invested in mobile games. It also proves that “The Horse Girl” has a great influence in the player community of these head products, and the audience is crossed. After entering the pit, “The Horse Racing Niang” maintained a two-line game, which shows that the quality of the work meets the expectations of these old players, which also shows that the game has withstood the test of the market.

Under the packaging of the second dimension, it is the hard-core and rich development system of “The Horse Racing Girl”

As the data shows, 35% of light players can experience the joy of the game. So, how does Cy keep the core players from being so addicted, and so that casual players with low intensity will not abandon the pit?

The picture shows the most attractive part of the game by the players of “The Horse Racing Girl” and whether they have watched the TV animation of the same name. 55% of players watched the animation.

To know the answer to the question, it is necessary to figure out what the players are after. It can be seen from the data that only 41% of the players who love character, voice actor and plot have reached 41%. A small number of players chose “Horse Race Girl” because of the arena, Live animation after victory, and free play. Although the most popular media and players are the characters and plots, the gameplay is the most attractive to players after all. 35.9% of players are addicted to development, and the single item accounts for the highest proportion. Regardless of whether it is a character, a story or a self-cultivation, it requires players to experience in the development process. The extremely rich and profound development system is the secret of Cy making players addictive.

In the words of the players, if you don’t ask for rankings or find a trade union, you can “get off work” at the speed of light and you can also raise horses for more than a dozen rounds. But if you want to participate in PvP content and connect with the community, the daily homework is very heavy. This is the reason for the polarization of the player community.

During the development, the state of the horse racing mother will fluctuate, and she will also get sick and injured. According to the status of the horse mother, the same choice will bring different results. This makes every time raising Chengdu a unique experience. Just like players who are obsessed with RogueLike and unable to extricate themselves, players cannot refuse to develop. After a round of development, regardless of the outcome, the ability can be inherited to the next Ma Niang. There is no penalty for failure. Players can develop the Ma Niang strong through repeated inheritance.

If you read the story in full, it may take 5 hours to develop a character once. There are extremely rich options and random events in the development process, which can be described as dizzying before the player gets started, and the degree of indulge in the early stage is extraordinary. The cards in the game are divided into role cards and support cards. The events of the Ma Niang role card and the events of the support card will lead to differences in the acquisition of attributes and skills. There are specific types of competitions every year, and it is basically necessary to open the strategy website to check the information and play.

After the player is proficiently developed, one round can be completed in about 15 minutes. According to the calculation of all physical strength, 8 rounds can be completed, which takes 2 hours, plus daily, competition (PvP system), research decks, etc., online Breaking 3 hours is the parents’ meal.

The plug-in used when playing “The Horse Girl” on the PC with the emulator is convenient for players to guide. The lower right corner records the competitions held at different time points and their types.

Therefore, a large number of old players began to use emulators for games, using plug-ins to help them develop. However, plug-ins cannot solve all problems.

Nao Takahashi, the chairman of Japanese IT company AtCoder, was obsessed with “The Horse Racing Girl” and made a 28-page PPT to explain the development system.

High-quality student Takahashi who graduated from Keio SFC, playing a game is a 28-page PPT analysis.

In order to prove the credibility of his methodology, Takahashi first published his own development results. It can be seen that the eldest brother likes “Special Week”, “Emperor of the East China Sea” and “Miyu” these three horse maids very much.

Just how rich the development system is can be seen in the special term proposed by Takahashi.

Takahashi emphasized the importance of “specialized cultivation”; during training, attention should be paid to balancing attributes; training should be completed without compromising overall ability; attention should be paid to the use of “Xiahesu” which is different from ordinary training; Using genetic factors, the factors are also divided into blue and white colors; how to match training and support cards; how to improve Ma Niang’s evaluation; how to improve the bond value; physical strength, skill points, mood… He summarized a series of detailed algorithms , Carry out the cultivation of the horse mother with precision.

At the end of the PPT, Takahashi wrote, “Don’t swallow all the information. The greatest joy in developing is to think for yourself, and there may be blind spots!”

However, the super-high average daily time and the good results that occupy the top of the best-selling list can not conceal the fact that players are tired.

Japanese players praised the characters, music, and system of the game, but expressed dissatisfaction with some operational problems. Finally, he also mentioned that the development cycle is too long and the difficulty is too high, revealing a heavy burden.

Recent discussions among domestic circumvention players. The game is difficult to improve, entering the stage of forced lessons, abandoning pit players constantly, and salted fishes soaring.

From the physical sense of the domestic players over the wall, you can feel the decline of the DAU of “The Horse Girl”. Since the game was launched, the content has gradually changed from fresh and interesting to mechanical labor. Under the pressure of the “big game” of the PvP system, the game has become an arena for big players. It is difficult to guarantee the experience of micro and small players. If you don’t choose leisure, you can only be forced to abandon the pit.

This scene is as if the “Princess Link” players who were tortured by guild wars fled back then, which is familiar. Maybe Cy just wants to do the big R retention, maybe Cy self-defeatingly should not introduce the competition system.

But in any case, the craze of “The Horse Racing Girl” is far from over. On July 11, Cy will hold a special offline event “Twinkle Holiday” for this work, and will also broadcast some free content on Youtube. The pace of IP games will never stop.

Rather, what everyone is curious about now is no longer the game itself, but under Cy’s operation, how long will the new king of “Monster Pinball” hegemony, “The Horse Girl” will be popular, and where will it fall.

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