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The Promised Neverland was an anime series that was regarded as one of the most intriguing, unique series of its time. The first season boded extremely well amongst critics and audiences with the pilot season currently standing at a perfect critic score of 100% and a near-perfect audience score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ratings and reviews can hardly capture how amazing the TV series‘ pilot season truly was, but it seems that ratings for the show’s second season definitely captured how most people felt about the sophomore season. Receiving a sad audience score of 22%, The Promised Neverland‘s second and final season simply did not live up to the hype, which was definitely devastating for fans.

Of course, some thoroughly enjoyed season 2, which is why you absolutely have to give it a shot. To help you out, we’re here to tell you everything about the second season including when you can expect the second season on Netflix.

What is The Promised Neverland season 2 about?

Following the events of the first season, The Promised Neverland returns with our young kids now on the run from their slaughterhouse. Being that they previously lived an extremely sheltered life, they must now learn how to survive in this new, grim world full of children-eating monsters, but they’ll need some help along the way.

Emma, Ray, and the rest of the kids meet various new allies and foes in their journey, and, to survive, they must learn who to trust and who to stay away from, but with these lines constantly being blurred, they may run into some fatal consequences.

Now that you’re all caught up with what to expect, here’s when you expect the second season on your favorite platform.

When will The Promised Neverland season 2 come to Netflix?

As of right now, Netflix has yet to announce when they will acquire season 2, but, based on the show’s history on the streaming service, we may be able to tell you when you can expect the second season.

The Promised Neverland season 1 was released in Japan in January 2019 and officially debuted on Netflix many months later in September 2020, meaning it took almost 20 months for the pilot season to finally arrive to the site. History may repeat itself with the sophomore season, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to know for sure.

While we wait for more news about The Promised Neverland season 2’s premiere date on Netflix, be sure to watch every single episode of the first season on Netflix.

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