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Bridgerton is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. It has been since the first season was released on Christmas 2020.

Bridgerton season 2 is one of the most highly anticipated Netflix original shows coming to the streaming service in the near future.

Unfortunately, it sounds like things are not going great with Bridgerton season 2, and it might affect the season 2 release date on Netflix.

Is Bridgerton season 2 delayed?

Technically, yes! It’s been rumored that Bridgerton season 2 was actually supposed to start production in the summer of 2020, prior to the release of season 1. That would have shortened the gap between seasons by A LOT.

Obviously, that didn’t happen, which means we’re going to have to wait a long time between seasons.

It’s unclear how much Bridgerton season 2 is delayed, but it appears that there are some big issues with production. According to a report from Deadline, production on Bridgerton season 2 has been halted in July 2021 because of multiple COVID-19 cases among the cast or crew. Netflix has not commented who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Deadline is reporting that production has been shut down for an “indefinite period of time” because of the surge in cases related to the Delta variant.

This is a developing situation, and we’ll be sure to keep fans updated with the latest on Bridgerton season 2. This is not good news for the Bridgerton season 2 release date.

Bridgerton season 2 release date

There was hope that production would be wrapping soon, which could have paved the way for a 2021 release date. That was always looking pretty slim, but fans were still pretty hopeful that something would happen this year. If it did, it would surely be one of the best Netflix shows with new seasons coming in 2021.

It’s looking much more likely that Bridgerton season 2 will be released on Netflix in 2022. Obviously, when the season is released is going to depend on when production resumes on season 2.

We’re hoping that the delay isn’t too long, but it’s so much more important that everyone on the cast and crew and their families are safe and healthy.

For now, plan to see Bridgerton season 2 on Netflix in the spring of 2022. I would love for the season to be ready by Valentine’s Day 2022, but that might be a little too early. Plus, we might be getting a new season of the best Netflix show around that time. Would Netflix release two of its biggest shows so close together? We’ll have to wait and see!

Stay tuned for more news about the Bridgerton season 2 release date.

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