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Outer Banks season 2 will put fans back on the hunt for the Royal Merchant’s gold, but there’s also another pressing matter to contend with as the season progresses. Romance. Specifically the budding relationship between Kiara and Pope.

Season 1 toyed with the idea of John B. and Kiara becoming an item despite the “No Pogue on Pogue macking” rule their friend group has. But that romance stopped before it could begin when Kiara let John B. down gently in spite of the obvious crush she had on him.

By the time episode 4 “Spy Games” rolls around, it’s clear John B. and Sarah will be the main romance of Outer Banks driving the story forward as their relationship becomes more and more complicated.

The writers completely avoided a love triangle but still managed to instigate drama into the plot by relying on the tension that was already there between the two girls thanks to their soured relationship. However that didn’t mean Kiara would be without a potential romance.

Pope, who’d watched from the sidelines as Kiara and John B. circled each other, threw his hat in the ring toward the end of the season. Initially his declaration of love for his best friend was rejected but in the season 1 finale, Kiara kissed Pope which completely changed the romantic game for the two.

Where will that lead them in season 2? Here’s what we know.

Do Kiara and Pope get together in Outer Banks season 2?

Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks season 2

Technically, it’s not a question of whether Kiara and Pope will stay together in the show’s second season. It’s a question of whether they’ll get together. A kiss does not a relationship make, and we left off with the two being told that John B. and Sarah had died in the storm.

We know the couple are fine and on their way to Nassau, Bahamas but the Pogues don’t. Expect the three to be mourning.

Actress Madison Bailey told Harper’s Bazaar in May 2020 that Kiara’s going to be the glue that’s holding the Pogues together in the wake of John B’s presumed demise:

I think it’s going to be an interesting balance of Kiara being broken, absolutely shattered, and also being that heart of the group. I feel like JJ is the type of person to get really detached during all of this, and I don’t think Kiara’s going to let him do that. And I think Pope is just going to be very solemn. I feel like he’s going to kind of become numb, which Kiara is not going to want for anybody.

This being a rough time for them all, however, doesn’t mean Pope and Kiara won’t be figuring out what’s between them. It just means they’ll also have a lot on their mind. Slowing down could be a good thing for them both considering Kiara’s change of heart toward pursuing something with Pope came out of left field.

Kiara had made herself clear. She didn’t want to risk the good thing she has with the Pogues on the maybe of a relationship. She also has her sights set on traveling the world and helping the planet while Pope’s whole focus has been about getting into a good school and making a name for himself.

He’s been spiraling since he walked out on his scholarship interview, and Kiara changing her mind feels like a part of helping right his slide into recklessness. Hopefully, Outer Banks season 2 gives some context and explanation for that narrative decision and builds on their relationship. Though if you’re a fan of the two’s budding romance, I’d go into the second season with your eyes wide open.

Last April Outer Banks creator and showrunner Jonas Pate sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the direction season 2 could take and he talked about the fan reaction over Kiara and J.J.’s friendship.

It’s been really interesting to watch the reaction to the show and to see how many people actually wanted Kiara and J.J. to be together. That was interesting to us, and so we’re thinking about that, but we don’t want to leave the Pope-Kiara story line short either. So we’re playing with a lot of different ideas of exactly how we’re going to platform Kiara’s love life into season 2.

This doesn’t mean there’s trouble in the water for Kiara and Pope, but it does mean things won’t be all the way settled between the two. We also don’t know how J.J.’s going to handle the loss of John B. and suddenly being a third wheel in his friend group on top of that.

Not to mention Jonathan Daviss told EW that Pope’s going to have a lot on his plate this season with the prospect of a new treasure entering the game.

I was really excited about this year and getting a chance to attack this story. Just like how last season’s mission was personal for John B, this season has a personal connection to Pope. He spends this season making sure justice is served. It was everything to me.

So much is set to happen for the Pogues in season 2 that the romances are certain to become even more complicated. Where that’ll leave Kiara and Pope by the end of the season is anyone’s guess, but we do know they’re going to try their hand at what they could be. How long will that last? We’ll have to watch and see.

Outer Banks season 2 premieres Friday, July 30 on Netflix.

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