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Love is Blind, the dating reality show that made its debut on Netflix in 2020, was a smash hit for the streamer as viewers became invested in the cast’s love lives.

Challenged to fall in love sight unseen before proposing at first sight, the series was a recipe for drama and disaster that earned it a second season. While season 2 has yet to hit the platform, another reunion special is on its way.

As fans of the OG cast, we can’t wait to see what they’ve been up to since they entered into pods and set themselves for a love to last the ages or a dumpster fire they regret deeply.

Here’s when Love is Blind: After the Altar comes to Netflix.

Love is Blind: After the Altar release date

We’re only a week out from the second reunion between this cast. Wednesday, July 28, will see the return of fan favorite couple Lauren and Cameron to our screens along with Amber and Matt to celebrate their two years of marriage since the first season.

The rest of their cast mates will also be there to celebrate as everyone catches up on what’s being going on in their lives since they were on Love is Blind. Viewers will be treated to three episodes with this reunion special, giving us all the messy details of these participants lives.

Of course, this includes where Giannina and Damien are with one another. How Jessica has been faring since her blow-up with Mark and the embarrassment of the not-love triangle between her, Matt, and Amber. As well as a talk between Diamond and Carlton who were not in a good place when they parted in season 1.

What more could these contestants have to say to one another that the first reunion special didn’t already cover? Apparently, so much more. Will you be tuning in?

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