RuneScape Elder God Wars Dungeon – The Nodon Front Details

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Jagex has a video detailing the first front cover of the upcoming Elder God Wars Dungeon: The Nodon Front. The Elder God Wars Dungeon will be released in four batches, one per month, with the Nodon front releasing on July 26.

Credit: Jagex

Elder God Eggs

The Elder God Wars Dungeon has 3 Elder God Eggs. These eggs were featured in Azzanadra’s Quest and City of Senntisten. In the latter case, the eggs were transported to Azzanadra Cathedral, where they are protected.

With the help of the generals (the bosses) from God Wars Dungeons 1 and 2, players must defend the three eggs. If the elder gods touch the eggs, they hatch. The cubs inside will almost immediately destroy all life on the planet.

Elder God Wars Dungeon Nodon
Credit: Jagex

The Elder Gods themselves will not destroy the Gielinor, as the boys must feast on anima. Anima is the living energy of the universe and the source of magic.

If the young are unable to feed on the anima and destroy the world, the older gods cannot reincarnate. The Elder Gods cannot attack themselves, as doing so runs the risk of destroying the eggs.

Therefore, the Elder Gods will send their followers to do the work.

Elder God Wars Dungeon – Nodon Front

Jas has sent her first and original servant, Kerapac, and given him the task of getting the eggs. Kerapac becomes the first general (boss) of Elder God Wars Dungeon.

Elder God Wars Dungeon Nodon
Credit: Jagex

Kerapac’s fight will consist of four phases. He will use the power of the older artifacts he has collected over the years, mainly Armadyl’s needle and staff.

Using the time power of the Needle, Kerapac can ‘pull’ itself back in time. If you defeat Kerapac, he will reset the fight and force you to deal with the previous stages.

Kerapac can be fought in normal mode and hard mode. Rewards in normal mode are as follows:

  • Tier 85 Gloves Affecting Dragon Breath and Combust Abilities
  • A new book of gods representing Jas
  • Ability Codex that upgrades the Concentrated Blast ability to Greater Concentrated Blast
Elder God Wars Dungeon Nodon
Credit: Jagex

When fighting Kerapac in hard mode, you can collect the broken pieces of the Elder Artifact, the Staff of Armadyl. This will be RuneScape’s first Tier 95 weapon.

Kerapac will also have its own owner, as is standard with other bosses.

nodon army

If you have 92 Slayer, you can fight the Nodon themselves and interact with their siege weapons.

By fighting the siege weapons, you can take over to put it on the Nodon Dragonkin itself.

Elder God Wars Dungeon Nodon
Credit: Jagex

They also use unique technology for their weapons, and players can collect them to upgrade their Dwarf Multicannon, Oldak Coil, or Kinetic Cyclone, giving them a damage boost.

Finally, the Pontifex Ring from Azzanadra’s Quest (which was upgraded at the end of the city of Senntisten) can be further upgraded. Upgrading requires anima to kill the slayer creatures or Kerapac, giving the ring more benefits to the dungeon.

Credit: Jagex

The upcoming Elder God Wars Dungeon aims to live up to its hype with the content on display. The Nodon Front will be released soon, on July 26, 2021.

Players are encouraged to complete a series of quests to understand the story behind Elder God Wars, but this is not a hard requirement.

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