Skate 4 Behind-the-Scenes Video Teases Open World, No New Info at EA Play Live

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It’s been a little over a year since EA announced that a new Skate game was finally in the works, so when will we finally get more information about the game? Some fans were watching the upcoming EA Play Live show on July 22, but unfortunately Vancouver, Canada-based Skate developer Full Circle shot down the opportunity on Twitter this weekend.

Well, fuck! So we’re not getting any new information at all? Well, not exactly. Full Circle just released a behind-the-scenes development video – it’s light on hard information, but apparently some influencers have to have got the chance to check out an early version of the game, and some of what they say may be revealing. Watch the video below for yourself.

YouTube video

At one point during the video, one of our influencers says, “It just looks beautiful…this whole open world,” while another compares the game to Skate 2, which had a more open design than other entries in the series. An open world wouldn’t be much of a surprise, but it’s nice to know that EA and Full Circle aren’t limiting their scope with this game. At other points, several talking heads mention “board drops and the throw downs” and the ability to climb. Again, stuff you’d expect, but good to have it confirmed.

Perhaps most interestingly, at one point, pro skater Atiba Jefferson asks, “Wait, the game is…?” before the video cuts off the rest of his statement. Later, he declares this mysterious feature “interesting.” What Could Full Circle Tease Be? Will the game be free to play? Uh, can you ride a Back to the Future hoverboard? Okay, I should probably stop speculating wildly.

Platforms and a release window have yet to be revealed for the next Skate, but as the video mentions, they are working on it. What do you think? Optimistic about how this will end?

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