Square Enix May Bring Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster to Other Platforms

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Square Enix May Bring Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster to Other Platforms

Square Enix has a Q&A page for the coming Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster titles. The Q&A includes information about new features and the possibility of these remasters appearing on other platforms. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The Q&A also states that while some new features will appear in these new versions, previous quality of life updates that appeared in previous ports may not have been included. However, a gallery feature will be available in these new remasters. In addition, these remasters will include a sound player. This allows players to instantly listen to all available background music.

The webpage also mentions that artist Kazuko Shibuya has been working on all the new character sprites. Series composer Nobuo Uematsu has also rearranged all background music for these releases. The Remaster titles will also include keyboard and controller support.

As mentioned before, there is also the potential that the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster titles may appear on other platforms. The Q&A states that if there are enough requests, Square Enix will consider releasing the remasters on other platforms. The webpage also states that due to differences between storefronts on mobile and PC, there is currently no option to buy the titles together for mobile in bulk.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster FFI, FFII, and FFIII will be launched on July 28, 2021.

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