Clown in a House now available on Steam

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Indie developer Krispy Animation’s mysterious exploration game, clown in a house, is now available on Steam for PC. With SNES-esque graphics and a music score by Billy Cobb, players will embark on an adventure where they will meet a host of strange inhabitants. A launch trailer can be seen below…

Clown in a house puts players in the role of a lone clown and leads them deep into the bowels of a mysterious house full of strange inhabitants. Where does the house come from and who are these people inside? Only by exploring will these mysteries become clearer and perhaps even a little familiar.

There is a wealth of weird and wonderful characters to meet and over 1000 interactions on your way to discovering over twenty different endings.




  • More than 20 endings to discover.
  • Over 1000 object interactions.
  • Witty and creative storyline.
  • 90s inspired point and click inspired adventure.
  • Powerful psychological story.



“After CatGhost, I found myself ready to tackle a more traditional story — so I started working on Puzzle Party, a game that explores the idea of ​​a creator obsessed with a lost love. However, I felt that the traditional ‘three acts’ writing style didn’t work for me. So I returned to my original approach. The result is Clown in a House, a project that I am extremely proud of.” – Kris Patrick – Owner of Krispy Animation.

YouTube video

Clown in a House is available on Steam now for €5.79.

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