Deathloop PS5 file size reduced with new update

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A new report revealed that the PlayStation 5 file size of video game Deathloop has shrunk thanks to a particular compression technology that the next-gen console has.

It was revealed by Twitter user PlayStation game size that due to a new update, the game now has 17,322 GB. The original version of the game had a file size of about 25,901 GB, which meant that the new version decreased by 8.6 GB with the update. This is quite an achievement as it is quite a large piece of data that has been reduced.

This is the work of the PS5’s awesome Kraken compression technology. It has impressed many tech enthusiasts as it has compressed various PS5 games into incredibly small sizes.

Deathloop will launch on September 14, 2021 for PC and PlayStation 5. A trailer was recently released showing pre-order bonuses and the Deluxe Edition.

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