Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.58 Includes Auto Logout Feature To Reduce Server Congestion

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Game company Square Enix recently released a new patch for the popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.58 is out now and has some notable changes and additions to the game. One of the important new features is the auto logout, which was really necessary for the problematic server congestion due to the game’s rising popularity.

Automatic logout has been added to reduce server congestion in the game due to the increased number of players logged in. Players who remain inactive for more than 30 minutes will be logged out immediately without any warning. Director Naoki Yoshida has released a statement regarding how to fix this particular issue. More measures will be added to alleviate the server issues, but for now the fixes that have been done are automatic logout and concurrent login limits. Future measures included new servers and data centers.

Patch 5.58 also launches The Feast Season 20, which will start and run until version 6.0. The Wolves’ Den Pier Quartermaster will be handing out rewards at the end of the season. The first prize goes to one person in each data center and is a kind of furnishing for their home. The top 10 players receive a weapon token. The top 100 players get a special mount.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC.

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