Game Update: Black Ops Cold War July 20 Update Patch Notes Details

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was updated today on July 20. You can view the full patch notes for this update here.

Treyarch has rolled released an update that improved the Mauer Der Totan and Outbreak in Zombies. There are also a whole host of solutions for the multiplayer. Check it all out in the patch notes below.

Black Ops Cold War July 20 Update Patch Notes Notes


Today’s update includes several improvements for “Mauer der Toten” and Outbreak in Zombies, including several stability fixes, Main Quest bug fixes, updates to Klaus’ behavior and more.

In terms of multiplayer, we’ve added Rush to the map rotation for several core modes and removed Cranked Hardpoint from NukeJacked 24/7. Check out the patch notes below for full details.


Starting today, PlayStation®5 players can get new High Resolution Texture Packs for the best visual experience in the future. These packs are no longer installed by default and must be downloaded manually for MP, Zombies, and Dead Ops Arcade 3.

Note: If you skipped the one-time download prompt at startup during Season Four Reloaded, you can find the packs available for download in the in-game Franchise Store.

This is new in today’s update:



  • Fixed an issue where the Social button could disappear if the player kicked another player out of their party, causing the Social tab to malfunction.


  • The nail gun has been moved to the correct location in the Special Weapons category.

High Resolution Texture Packs (PlayStation 5)

  • For PlayStation 5 players, high-resolution textures will be moved to opt-in downloadable packs for Multiplayer, Zombies and Dead Ops Arcade 3. These will no longer be installed by default and players should download these packs for the best visual experience going forward.
  • At startup, players will be prompted to install the packages or cancel the download. If the player cancels, these packs can be downloaded from the in-game store.



  • Added Rush to the following modes: Team Deathmatch, Domination, Hardpoint, Control, Kill Confirmed, Search and Destroy, Free-For-All, VIP Escort, and Snipers Only Moshpit.


  • Cranked Hardpoint removed from NukeJacked 24/7.


Mauer der Toten

  • Stability
    • Added several stability fixes related to the Main Quest, Boss Battle and CRBR-S Wonder Weapon.
  • Gameplay
    • Reduced the number of Krasny Soldat spawns in higher rounds.
    • Fixed an issue where Klaus would sometimes attack a friendly Brain-Rotted zombie.
    • Fixed a rare issue that allowed zombies to use their ranged attack despite the player being in an accessible location.
  • Miracle Weapons
    • The CRBR-S Wonder Weapon will no longer time out if it is not removed from the open vault after a certain amount of time.
  • Main assignment
    • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck when staying on a ladder during a Boss Battle teleport.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented a special round from activating immediately upon entering the Lab if the match was currently in between rounds.
    • Fixed an issue that caused a carried quest item to appear on the screen and sometimes block weapon fire while the player was walking backwards.
    • Fixed an issue where Klaus was visibly holding his weapon and a mission item at the same time.
  • user interface
    • Fixed an issue that could cause players to receive an erroneous ‘Not Enough Essence’ message when approaching the arsenal.


  • Fixed a crash related to the transition between regions in Outbreak.

Field Upgrades

  • Fixed an issue that caused Shatter Blast to deal more damage than intended.


  • Fixed a crash related to Tombstone Soda.

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