Scathach steps out of the shadows in front of an SMT V trailer

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Scathach steps out of the shadows in front of an SMT V trailer

The teaser for the next one Shin Megami Tensei V demon was rather obvious. The cape and hat strongly suggested Scathach would appear in the 35th SMT V trailer, and now that’s confirmed. Although her hat and cape are black instead of red, she looks much the same for this entry as people may remember.

After Scathach is summoned, the video jumps to show her in battle. Many new and previously revealed demons appear in the battles. First, she attacks a Cait Sith, who has not yet appeared, and two Onmorakis. Then she is confronted by Rangda and two Girimehkalas.

Here’s the full SMT V Scathach trailer.

YouTube video

As for the next demon to be teased, the silhouette is a little fuzzier than usual. It becomes a humanoid demon with a cape.

35 SMT V demons have had their own videos, now that Scathach has hers. Here are the last 20 to appear, starting with Lilim and ending with Cu Chulainn.

  1. Lilim
  2. futsunushic
  3. sraosha
  4. Xuan Wuu
  5. Uriel
  6. Orobas
  7. Girimehkala
  8. Horus
  9. Rangda
  10. arahabaki
  11. Moloch
  12. preta
  13. Ongyo-Kic
  14. Throne
  15. Silky smooth
  16. Kurama Tengu
  17. Fuu-Kic
  18. slime
  19. onmoraki
  20. Cu Chulainn

Shin Megami Tensei V coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 11, 2021 and worldwide on November 12, 2021.

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