Battlefield 2042 beta release date announced today? News coming on EA Play Live 2021

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Battlefield 2042 beta release date could be revealed by EA today (Image: EA)

Battlefield 2042 beta release date could be announced today during EA Play Live 2021. The Battlefield 2042 test was set to take place this month, but EA recently revealed that this early chance to play Battlefield 2042 had been postponed to “later this summer”. EA said the Battlefield 2042 technical play test was pushed back because they built a cross-play feature for the shooter, a feature fans have been asking for.

EA previously explained the decision: “One of your most frequently asked questions is about cross-play. We can confirm that it’s a feature we plan to build and test for Battlefield 2042.

“To accommodate this, we have made the decision to move the technical playtest to later this summer so that we have the opportunity to test the cross-play functionality.

“This means a few thousand participants will join us to help us test some of our new features and functionality that we are building from the ground up for Battlefield 2042. Please note that the Technical Playtest is not intended on purpose is to get the full experience you’ll see in the open beta or at launch. It’s a development-led environment with only a subset of features, focused on technical performance.”

Since the Battlefield 2042 playtest will take place sometime this summer, an announcement during today’s EA Play Live 2021 event would make sense – timing wise.

We’ll have to wait and see if that will eventually be the case.

But meanwhile, the official Battlefield Twitter account is teasing the reveal of a third mode for Battlefield 2042 during EA Play Live today.

EA and DICE have already announced the massive 128-player Battle Royale mode for Battlefield 2042, as well as the more smaller Hazard Zone mode – which is a squad-based affair.

And leaks indicate that the third unannounced Battlefield 2042 mode will be called Battlefield Hub.

It is claimed that this mode will be a sandbox experience with remastered maps from the history of the series.

Battlefield 2042 key cover artwork from EA

Battlefield 2042 news appears in today’s EA Play Live event (Image: EA)

While weapons and vehicles from across the history of the Battlefield franchise (and history in general) will all reportedly be playable in the same war zone.

This leak is thanks to Tom Henderson, who has an enviable track record of accuracy when it comes to Battlefield and COD leaks.

We’ll have to wait and see if this will eventually be the case, but Battlefield fans won’t have to wait long to know for sure.

The EA Play Live 2021 event kicks off later today (Thurs, July 22) at 6pm BST.

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