Black Desert’s first co-op dungeon ready to challenge players now

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Pearl Abyss has released the first co-op dungeon for Black Desert on both PC and console. atoraxxion, the final stronghold, is a highly anticipated PvE dungeon that challenges teams of 5 players to defeat the horrors within.

Atoraxxion is divided into four themed areas: desert, ocean, canyon and forest and the first of these is Vahmalkea, the desert fortress. Players must work together in teams of five to discover the weaknesses of their enemies and defeat them.

Adventurers will experience a captivating storyline that tells the story of the last ancient Sage, Rux Maha Dehkia, who built Atoraxxion during the war against Black Spirit. During the original defense of the stronghold, four of Rux’s students failed to work together, leading to their deaths and it’s up to adventurers to learn from their mistake.



Adventurers dive in Atoraxxion can expect to find plenty of puzzles to solve and all-new combat challenges.

To celebrate the arrival of atoraxxion, Pearl Abyss is launching another series of Twitch Drop campaigns. By watching Black Desert on Twitch, players can receive rewards such as Enhancement Help Kit, Cron Stones, Magical Elixir, Item Collection Increase Scrolls and more.



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Put a team together and go on a journey of discovery Atoraxxion now in Black Desert on PC and consoles.

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