Do not play the New World beta with this PC graphics card installed

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New World beta launched this week (Image: AMAZON)

The beta for Amazon’s New World launched this week to great excitement. At its peak, Steam registered 190,811 people playing the New World beta. The closed beta test for the historical fantasy game launched ahead of the MMO’s August 31 release date.

And if you’re interested in the RPG, you might want to hold the fire to play it if you have one graphics card installed.

As reported by NME, reports have surfaced that the New World beta is slashing a specific high-end graphics card.

A number of PC gamers have reported that their EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 video card literally broke after playing the New World beta.

And that’s a costly problem, considering these hard-to-find graphics cards cost around $2,000.

On the New World forum, a user named Goatz said that once they started the beta, the fan speed on their PC increased to 100 percent.

Frame rates then dropped to zero before their PC monitor shut down.

They were able to restart their PC and try to play New World again before getting a critical error.

Goatz wrote: “Same thing happened but this time I heard a loud bang and now my 3090 won’t get past POST on startup”.

Goatz said the same thing happened when playing the New World alpha, with the recent critical issue affecting a second 3090 FTW3 Ultra that provided EVGA.

While Twitch streamer Gladd also revealed on Twitter: “NOTE: Playing the New World beta on my EVGA 3090 completely burned my graphics card. There are many accounts where the same thing happens to the same card running the same game.

“I just want to make sure this doesn’t happen to others.”

New World beta

Expensive graphics card users have reported errors playing the New World beta (Image: AMAZON)

On the New World Forum other users reported the same issue with the EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 video cards.

One posted: “I have the exact same card and I died the exact same way about 30 minutes into playing the beta today. I searched on Twitter and found about 3 other streamers had the same card while booting/playing New World. “

While another wrote: “Same today, my screen went black and now my 3090 evga ftw3 is not detected, I’m going to cry when it’s dead!!!”

New World and EVGA’s official Twitter accounts have yet to respond to the reports.

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