EE unveils epic new Android and iPhone SIM deal, but Vodafone has something even better

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EE SIM deal offers 150GB for just £20 (Image: EE)

When your current smartphone subscription ends, switching to a SIM-only subscription can save you a lot of money. These contracts allow you to call, text and pay for data at no cost to the phone itself – making them a much cheaper option.

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Epic EE 5G SIM-only deal

EE offers a SIM card with 150 GB of data for £20 per month. This deal includes full access to 5G, allowing users to get downloads to their phones at speeds of over 300Mbps.

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As you probably know, when you buy a handset with a 24 month deal, a large part of the monthly payments goes to the iPhone or Android device. When the two years are up, the phone is yours, but you’ll still pay the same high price unless you call your network and switch to a standard monthly SIM.

For anyone who has terminated their contract or just paid for the phone, there are some good deals available from all the major networks right now.

EE has just upped its game with customers currently able to get a whopping 150GB of data for just £20. Until recently, the same price only offered 120GB, so the network is now giving away an extra 30GB.

This SIM card offers free calls and texts plus full access to 5G, giving anyone with a new 5G-ready smartphone access to downloads at speeds over 300Mbps when away from their fixed broadband.


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Vodafone 5G data offer

Vodafone has slashed the price of its SIM plans by 160GB of 5G data for just £20 a month.

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The only downside is that you have to sign up for a 24 month contract and you can’t use the SIM card in Europe without paying £2 a day.

EE announced these new charges last month, meaning anyone signing up for a new plan will now face roaming charges.

Despite that annoyance this is still a good deal from EE but there is something even better from Vodafone. The network is upping the ante with a deal offering 160GB for the same price as EE. That means you get another 10GB to use when streaming Netflix or listening to your Spotify playlists.

Vodafone’s deal also includes access to 5G data speeds plus free calls and texts. You have to sign on the dotted line for 24 months, so make sure you’re happy with a two-year deal before agreeing.


Of course, none of these deals offer unlimited data and to get something similar by price your best bet is Three. The network has a fully unlimited SIM card for £18 a month, meaning you can stream all day and night without fear of losing internet access.

This Three SIM includes unlimited calls and texts and you get access to the Go Roam feature that allows you to use your phone in over 70 countries.


Finally, if you don’t need all that data, Three has also reduced the price of its 8GB SIM card, which now costs £5 a month for the first six months of the deal.

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