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The Netflix dating show Sexy Beasts finally premiered on the streaming platform today after millions of people have been waiting to feast their eyes on such a crazy but intriguing show.

The premise of contestants donning very realistic animal masks was more than enough for many Netflix users to become big fans of the series, so much so that they are wondering if there will ever be a continuation of the dating show or if this will be yet another canceled show over at Netflix. We tell you everything we know so far about the future of Sexy Beasts. Check it out down below!

How many seasons of Sexy Beasts are there?

Currently, there is only one season of Sexy Beasts on Netflix. The pilot season has a total of six episodes on the streaming platform and each episode is less than 25 minutes in duration.

Is Sexy Beasts going to have a season 2?

Get ready to celebrate as Netflix has, in fact, renewed the reality series for a second season before the first season even premiered! Variety tells us that the show will be receiving additional episodes later in the year, which means fans will be blessed with not just one but two seasons of this bizarre dating show in the same year!

Like Too Hot to Handle and The Circle, receiving a second season was an absolute no-brainer, and we’re more than excited to see more prosthetic-wearing singles go on blind dates with other prosthetic-wearing singles!

How many episodes are in Sexy Beasts season 2?

It’s been revealed that there will be another six episodes coming our way later this year, which is to be expected being that this is the same amount of episodes that the pilot season had. Hopefully, we’ll be receiving another six shortly after that and another after that. (Fingers crossed!)

When is Sexy Beasts season 2 filming?

Being that there has already been a season 2 announcement, it wouldn’t be too outrageous to believe that filming for season 2 has begun or is, at most, almost finished.

Additionally, as of right now, there is not much information on who exactly is filming in this second season, but we do know that our hilarious narrator Rob Delaney will be returning to narrate the second installment.

Sexy Beasts season 2 release date

While the show’s creator Simon Welton revealed that more episodes are slated to premiere later this year, he unfortunately did not let us know the exact date. Season 2 may debut later this fall or winter, but we’ll have to wait for an official release date to know for sure.

Receiving a season 2 is super exciting, and we’re already counting down the days until we can see this dating show on our screens once again. We hope you are, too! In the meantime, be sure to stream every episode of Sexy Beasts only on Netflix.

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