Ubisoft plans to bring games to Steam Deck “If it’s big enough”

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Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, recently discussed the possibility of bringing their games to the upcoming new PC handheld Steam Deck, but there is a condition.

This was in response to a question from investors during the Q1 earnings call that took place recently. He noted that if the Steam Deck became more popular and the demand was very high, they could bring their games to the hardware.

“We’re thrilled that Steam Deck is coming to the industry, it shows that there’s a flood of very innovative new hardware coming to the market,” Ubisoft’s CEO told investors. “So we’ll watch and see how big it gets, but when it’s big, we can put our games on it.”

This may be odd considering Ubisoft has its own storefront and technically competes with Steam. It’s brought its games to the Epic Games Store, so why is it pointing to the Steam Deck? Looks like he’s intentionally treating this the same as a platform like the PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC. Well, it’s a PC handheld, but it seems to be.

For now, it’s quite an odd statement from Guillemot. If Ubisoft thinks the Steam Deck is a platform to be involved in as hardware, then it just means they really treat it as one platform. It allows installation of other applications, so that possibility is there.

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