Your PS4 and PS5 consoles get a brand new game to play for FREE

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PS4 and PS5 owners have a new game to play for free (Image: SONY)

Numerous free gaming experiences are launched every week, some of which come from major studios. And if you’re stuck with a new game to play this weekend, there’s a new free trial to try out. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches this week on PS4 and PS5 with free access with multiplayer and Zombies modes.

Call of Duty Cold War is the latest game in the famous COD series to launch on consoles and PC, featuring both small and large maps to compete on.

There are 6vs6 playlists, as well as bigger encounters and different goals to play through.

Cold War also includes Zombies mode, in which teams of players take on waves of the Undead, with the difficulty gradually increasing the longer you survive.

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Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War was developed and supported by Treyarch Studios, a group known for its subgenre and undead modes.

And the good news is that this new free trial of Call of Duty will be available from July 22 to July 29.

That’s plenty of time to find out if you enjoy the fast-paced firefight and the different modes and maps on offer in the latest COD AAA offering.

Speaking about the new Free Access event, publisher Activision explained, “From July 22 to 29, players will be able to download Black Ops Cold War Free Access for tons of free multiplayer and zombies action, including NukeJacked 24/7, Paintball Moshpit, Throwback Moshpit, Party Games, Team Deathmatch and more.

Free Access players will also be able to try out the full range of Treyarch’s Zombies round maps, including the new “Mauer der Toten” map in Season Four Reloaded. Available now in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies, “Mauer der Toten” continues the Dark Aether story and takes it to new heights, extending combat across the rooftops, streets and U-Bahn system of Berlin, Germany.”

It should be noted that this is a limited time trial, meaning the game will cost money to play again on July 29.

The free access will also be available on a number of other platforms and not just PlayStation consoles.

Gamers on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC will also have access to the same maps and modes in Cold War starting July 22.

And with Crossplay fully enabled, it means gamers on different platforms can enjoy matches together.

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