Auto Chess launches season 13 called Ocean Voyage

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We don’t stop the Drodro studio launching its 13th season from July 22 with even more new content, including a new race, a new mode and a theme dedicated to this new season. Automatic Chess is available on Playstation 4/5, PC and MacOs.

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Auto Chess: Ocean Voyage Season 13 Trailer

The Gem Artisan, a brand new chess piece from the Civet race!

Living in a dungeon surrounded by a black river, the civet cats are adapted to extreme temperatures and weather conditions thanks to their desert origin. They can detect sources of magic and are constantly looking for elemental gems for their powers.

New Character Mermaid Princess

Thanks to their experiences, they have their own system of gems and lines of artisans. Mana was chosen gemstone craftsman after the transformation and perfection of Age crystals. She is the most talented of the breed of Stew and unparalleled in the development of the art of gemstones.

The arrival of a 2V2 lite mode and a new workshop map:

In this new mode you can play 2v2v2v2, i.e. 8 players with classic rules.

In classic duo mode, coin sharing disappears, but the HP between you and your comrade doesn’t change.

Hall of Destruction, new map for season 13 - source
Hall of Destruction, New Map for Season 13 – source

This new lite mode makes it easier for all new players to access.

Content to unlock!

By opening the opening magic box ocean, you will be able to obtain the following:

  • The skin Legendary Wave Assassin.
  • The exclusive character sharky, once you reach the tower level.
  • Battle Decorations, Emojis and Skin Chest Fragments can be earned as you level up.
A whole new season is here!
A whole new season is here!

By purchasing the senior citizen pass, you will be able to:

  • From level 1, new chests with different items will be available regularly at the end of each level.
  • Mermaid Princess, new character accessible by reaching level 30.
  • The Orange Chessboard: Coral Realm will be available at level 80 of the senior citizen pass.

From July 26 with the Glory of Execution Pack, get the character Goddess of Victory and become the champion on the Hall of Execution.

Like a memory, Automatic Chess is available for free on Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and further pc via the Epic Games Store.

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