Pokemon TCG Rayquaza V and Noivern V Battle Decks Announced

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Pokemon TCG Rayquaza V and Noivern V Battle Decks Announced

The Pokemon Company International announced the next two Pokemon TCG Combat decks. These are decks designed to help people get started quickly to learn how to play. On October 8, 2021, people will be able to see Rayquaza V and Noivern V. find Pokemon TCG Battle Decks in stores.

There will be several ways to get these new decks. People can buy each of them separately. There will also be a Rayquaza vs Noivern bundle with both the Rayquaza V and Noivern V Pokemon TCG Combat decks. Each of the decks has 60 cards and is ready to run as is. They will also come with a coin with the featured Pokemon on it. You also get things like a paper playmat and cardboard damage counters. When someone gets the bundle, they get both decks of 60 cards, two coins, the material to play and eight more Trainer cards.

Here’s a closer look at both the new Battle Decks and Rayquaza vs Noivern bundle.
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This won’t be the only new one Pokemon TCG items to be released in October 2021. That’s also when the celebrations extension will appear. That’s one designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series.

The Pokemon TCG Rayquaza V and Noivern V Battle Decks will launch on October 8, 2021.

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